Thoughtful Thursday ✰ Romance Tropes I Won’t Read

As my tag line states, I'm a voracious reader of all the books but even I have some limits. I think back to my early days after getting my first e-reader... I was so happy to have all my books in the palm of my hand (literally!) at the ready no matter where I went … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday ✰ Romance Tropes I Won’t Read

Thoughtful Thursday ✰ Stalking Your Fave

I've always wondered how authors feel about readers who stalk them...not in the crazy, I want to find out where you live, move next door, become your best friend, and sneak into your house to roll around in your bedsheets way. I mean stalking as in, when is the next book coming? I need it NOW, way. … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday ✰ Stalking Your Fave

Thoughtful Thursday ✰ Reading Slump

I was very lucky to have almost 2 weeks off in December and early January which allowed me to rejuvenate physically and mentally. I did a lot of catching up with cleaning up the blog (did you notice the new layout?) and reading to my heart's desire. I stocked my TBR list with some (hopefully) awesome … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday ✰ Reading Slump

Thoughtful Thursday ✰ Billionaire Romance

A couple of weeks ago  I was e-strolling through Amazon and a book, [insert holiday themed billionaire romance title] was on my list of recommendations...the shirtless cover model in a Santa hat caught my eye.  I'm always here for a quickie with a hot chocolate hero which this looked to be from the tiny thumbnail.  When I opened up … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday ✰ Billionaire Romance