Author Spotlight ✦ Té Russ

Happy Monday, good people! Today, My Reading Nook welcomes another fave of mine, Té Russ.  When I'm looking for a sweet, sexy, and low angst read, Ms. Russ is my go-to! Té Russ recently released Love by the Books, which is available exclusively via Amazon for purchase or Kindle Unlimited. Let's get to know Té... Hi Té! … Continue reading Author Spotlight ✦ Té Russ

Thoughtful Thursday ✰ Stalking Your Fave

I've always wondered how authors feel about readers who stalk them...not in the crazy, I want to find out where you live, move next door, become your best friend, and sneak into your house to roll around in your bedsheets way. I mean stalking as in, when is the next book coming? I need it NOW, way. … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday ✰ Stalking Your Fave