ARC REVIEW: Evolve (Soulmates #4) by Nicole Dykes

Jackie, BFF to Maddy, has a reputation of being a ditz and a "slut".  Her hookup with Jake was the catalyst for Maddy and Jake's epic fallout.  Andy, Maddy's ex-boyfriend, doesn't exactly have the best reputation after he cheated on the town's golden girl.  To say Jackie and Andy's teenaged lives are entwined and complicated is an … Continue reading ARC REVIEW: Evolve (Soulmates #4) by Nicole Dykes

REVIEW: Fate (Soulmates #2) by Nicole Dykes

Fate is the second book in the Soulmates series; the same story from book 1, Soulmates, from Jake's POV. I'll say I'm not a big fan of companion novels as a rule because they are typically just a rehash of the same story I've already read. Thankfully, Fate didn't spend much time in rehashing everything from Soulmates, just … Continue reading REVIEW: Fate (Soulmates #2) by Nicole Dykes

REVIEW: Soulmates (Soulmates #1) by Nicole Dykes

Soulmates is a coming of age story of Madison and Jake who met when they were six years old. They become best friends, share their first kiss with each other, then they have a falling out over something that is rather trivial in the whole scheme of things, but essentially ends their friendship until a tragic … Continue reading REVIEW: Soulmates (Soulmates #1) by Nicole Dykes

Young Adult and New Adult: What Are They? Really. 

I'm so confused by these two categories, 'young adult' (YA) and 'new adult' (NA). I thought these categories referred to 1) the age of the target audience and/or 2) the age of the main characters featured in these books. What I've been told is that generally YA is targeted to the 12-18 year old set, while … Continue reading Young Adult and New Adult: What Are They? Really.