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Today, we have Authoress (ha ha ha, inside joke) D. L. White.  Before I knew Ms. White as an author, I met her via social media and her blog.  Then I won one of her books, Same Time Next Week in a giveaway and the rest is history.  I’ve devoured (and FLOVED!) all her books, except her latest release, Dinner at Sam’s: A Ruby’s Novel, which is now available on Amazon Kindle for purchase and Kindle Unlimited.

Let’s get to know DL…



Hi DL! Welcome to My Reading Nook!  To begin, tell us a little about yourself and your writing.

As the daughter of a serviceman, I am formerly from all over the place, however I have lived in the grandest city in the south, Atlanta, since early 2003. I’m a Northwest girl at heart but I think I’ve finally got this southern thing down… the tea is sweet and the fish come with grits!

By day I am an Executive Administrative Assistant at a world renowned beverage company, working for one of our top five customers. By night, when I’m not writing books, I’m devouring them. I love coffee and Sunday Brunch, especially on a patio, but my true obsession is water: lakes, rivers, oceans, waterfalls! And sand… dig your toes in, soft! On the weekend, you’ll probably find me near water and if I’m lucky, on an ocean beach.

For as long as I can remember, I would much rather be in my room reading and writing than doing anything else, but I began seriously pursuing a writing career in 2011. My debut, a women’s fiction novel, Brunch at Ruby’s, about three lifelong best friends in Atlanta, was published in 2015 Dinner at Sam’s  is my sixth novel, with many more to come! 
Tell us about your journey to becoming a writer.  Was it a lifelong wish or something you woke up one day and said, I’m going to write a book?
Oh, forever. Not so much to publish but I was always a writer. When I was a kid, my teacher would give us spelling words. We had to use them in a sentence, so she could be sure we know what the words meant. All of my sentences went together– I was writing stories with my spelling words, to make the assignment more fun. When my mom went in for parent-teacher conference, apparently teacher was amused and impressed by this and so was my mom. I was just doing something fun… after I figured out that people liked reading what I wrote, a writer was born!
What was/is the best advice you received when you started out as an indie author?
Write a lot, but read more. If you don’t have time to read, you can’t write well. I THOROUGHLY subscribe to this theory.
As an indie author, what’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced thus far?
Putting out a quality product on a budget. I don’t have a publisher’s editing arm or cover design arm or marketing and publicity arm. It’s just me, with limited funds. I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got and always trying to get better.
Thus far, what accomplishment are you most proud of?
My last two books have sold enough during release week to be in the Top 100 in individual categories. I’m quite proud of that because my debut sank like a rock!
What do you do when you’re not writing?
Usually reading my face off. Watching Law and Order. Going to the beach!
Where do you draw from for your stories?
Some music, some news, a lot of real life. The situation that Vanessa from Dinner at Sam’s is in was ripped from real life…. happened to a friend of a friend— everything from the double life to to the IRS. Just CRAZY and I thought…… well that has to go in a book.
If you were featured on the front page of the newspaper, what would the title of the article be?
AREA WOMAN WANTS THESE KIDS TO GET THEIR TOYS OUT OF HER YARD! The kids in my neighborhood will accidentally kick a ball or something into my yard and WILL NOT COME GET IT. I think my neighbor put the fear of Gawdt up in ’em. So I kick it into the street.
What trope/story/subject matter does not fit your brand; thus; you won’t ever write it?
Besides Alpha Werewolf Stepbrother Multiracial Shifter Navy Seal Biker Billionaires? Aside from that, I’m pretty open.
If you were stranded with one paperback, and no bookstore nearby, what book would be in your bag? Why?
It would honestly probably be a John Grisham– back when he was writing well. He’s a comfort read for me. All of my Grisham’s are falling apart, I’ve read them so often.
Thinking about all your books and characters…do you have a favorite that you’ve written?
Brunch at Ruby’s will probably always be my book baby. I just adore that book and those characters. They are real people to me.
Describe your latest book Dinner at Sam’s, in 5 words?
Sexy, Dramatic, Romantic, Scenic, Intimate
What/who inspired this book? 
Vanessa was a character in Ruby’s and her story, as I said was inspired by real life situations. I was trying to write the sequel to Ruby’s, but I wanted Vanessa to have a love interest to make up for how awful Warren was… but didn’t feel like I could do it without giving Gibson a voice. That meant that Sam’s had to be a romance, and since Ruby’s is women’s fiction, I stripped Renee, Maxine and Debra from it and put them aside for their own story.
What next can we expect from you?
I have a couple of stories rolling around in my head. We still need a true followup to Brunch at Ruby’s, to get updates on Renee, Debra and Maxine and their men and families. I also have a small town romance in the hopper, about a former NBA player and a woman who has returned to the small town after a relationship falls apart. I was also trying to write a romantic suspense featuring Yvette who is a minor character in Sam’s….. Or I might come up with something completely new!

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Vanessa Jackson is just trying to get her life together.
It’s been more than a year since her husband left her and their children destitute and in foreclosure. She and her daughters are making it… barely, but making it. If she could just divorce that sonofabitch, the future would be bright, but Warren is fighting the process every step of the way.

If she wants a divorce, and to move on with her life, she needs an attorney.

Gibson, the youngest of four brothers, all attorneys at Kincaid Family Law, is the rebel. He’s the one who’s never going to do what Mother- Sylvia “the Silver Shark” Kincaid, wants him to do. Instead of serving the interests of wealthy and high profile clients, Gibson prefers to serve the down on their luck sector, earning him the nickname “community lawyer”. When Sylvia rejects Vanessa as a client, it’s a lucky break that she runs into Gibson.

The attraction between them is immediate, smoldering, mutual. And distracting. Vanessa’s just trying to get divorced, not pick up a new man, and certainly not her divorce attorney.

Gibson is trying to do right by his new client, but he can’t lie; he wants to help Vanessa get divorced. So he can have her to himself.

But Warren still has a few tricks up his sleeves, Gibson has family commitments holding him back from being real with himself… and Vanessa swears she’s ready to move on, but she’s hiding a huge part of her past that she’s not ready for Gibson to know.

Read an excerpt from Dinner at Sam’s

Sylvia’s demeanor had run the gamut from warm and friendly to combative and now she looked like she wanted to toss me out of her office on my ass. She pushed herself up from the chair and leaned onto the desk.

“I am not in the habit of sending clients to my competitors, Ms. Jackson. I suggest you consult the Yellow Pages. If there’s nothing else, Janet will show you to the front desk. The receptionists will validate your parking.”

She pressed a button on the phone and chirped brusquely. “We’re done, here. Tell Gibson to come to my office, please.”

“Of course, ma’am,” came the crystal clear response from the speaker.

I stood and slid the handle of my bag onto my shoulder. I was even more eager to get out of that office, out of that suite, out of that building. This was a bad idea.

“I’ll see myself out,” I mumbled, almost stopping to offer a handshake to Sylvia, but she was preoccupied by the stacks on her desk. I’d been dismissed. I pulled open the double doors and hurried down the hall toward the front desk, head down, on a mission. I rounded a corner and walked right into a wide, solid chest.

“Oh!” I leapt backward a few steps and tried to get my bearings. My bag, which slid from my arm mid-collision, was splayed on the carpet between us, half of its contents spread across the hallway.

“Ma’am, I am so sorry. Let me help you clean that up.”

A well- built man in a dark, tailored suit squatted to gather my belongings and handed them to me so that I could stuff them inside my bag. I was thankful that I hadn’t been dragging around any personal items— tampons, lip gloss… mini vibrators. My datebook, pens and business card case were embarrassing enough.

“Did we get everything?”

His eyes swept the area, then lifted to mine, accompanied by the most handsome smile I’d seen since I first met Warren Jackson. Smiles were my kryptonite and his… mmmph. Thick lips, two rows of straight white teeth, deep skin tone and dark, soulful brown eyes, the kind that made you want to pour a glass of brown liquor and get lost in them.

My mouth suddenly felt like it was full of sawdust and my breathing was slightly labored. “I… I think we got everything. Thank you. And sorry for running you over.”

“No need to apologize. I was looking at my phone, not watching where I was going.” He extended a hand, palm up.  Without even thinking, I slid my palm across his. “Gibson Kincaid. Are you a client?”

His question made me laugh, which wasn’t a reaction I expected to have at not being accepted as a client. “No. In fact, I met with your mother and we decided that Kincaid isn’t the firm I’m looking for.”

“Oh?” His eyebrows shot up, nearly to his hairline, which I noticed was lush with dark-as-night curls. ”Did she give you the bring them to their knees, we make them pay speech? She loves that line.”

His smile was devilish. The twinkle in his eye was way too tempting. The lilting, teasing tone of his voice had my thoughts meandering in a direction they had no business going in. I was in this stuffy grey office trying to divorce my husband, not pick up a new man.

“Uh, yep,” I answered with a deep nod. “I did get that speech. Unfortunately, as much as I want to uhm… make him pay… Kincaid isn’t the firm for me.”

“Well, that’s too bad, if you really feel that way. But not all of us practice law like my mother does. Some of us are little more sensible.”

He smiled again, sending sparks skipping down my spine. “Tell you what,” he said, reaching into an inner pocket to pull out a business card holder. He plucked a card from the silver case and flicked it out at me between two fingers. Two long, thick, manicured fingers. “Give me a call. We can talk. If I can work something out, I’d—”


We both turned at the sound of Sylvia screeching down the hall, disturbing the quiet. I felt bad that I’d kept him from his mother’s beck and call, so I took the card and stepped around him.

“Thanks. Sorry to keep you.”

“My pleasure,” he said, still standing in the middle of the hallway, clearly in no hurry to answer to Sylvia. “I didn’t catch your name, Miss….”

“Vanessa. Vanessa Jackson.”

“Ms. Jackson,” he responded, extending his hand again. Again, I slid my palm across his and reveled in the gentle strength as it closed around mine. “It was a pleasure running into you. Please do give me a call, before you call another firm.”

Before I was ready for him to do so, he released my hand and slipped his hands into the pockets of his slacks.

“I will definitely give you a call, Gibson.” I began to back away, feeling like if I didn’t start moving, I was never going to get out of the building. And, despite having met Gibson, I wanted to get out of that building. “Have a nice day.”

Just then, Sylvia rounded the corner, barreling down the hallway with fists clenched.

“Gib! I’ve been calling you. When I summon you, I mean right away! I don’t have all day.” Her eye caught my form lingering near the door the lobby. “Ms. Jackson, I thought you had left. Is there something else I can do for you?”

“No ma’am.” I pushed through the door and stumbled back out to the visitor area. There was nothing Sylvia could do for me.

Gibson, though…if I was a different kind of woman, Gibson Kincaid could do a lot for me.

But I wasn’t, I remembered, coming down from my high. I was a woman in a mess of a marriage, trying to get out of it. An attraction to a man that wanted to be my divorce lawyer wouldn’t turn out well at all.

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