Book Spotlight ✰ Dirty Like Us (Dirty #0.5) by Jaine Diamond

Happy Monday!! Hope everyone enjoyed a lovely weekend.  Today MRN is spotlighting a novella from Jaine Diamond, Dirty Like Us. Ms. Diamond is offering this book for FREE!! Get all the juicy deets below…Enjoy!



What happens in Vegas… better stay in Vegas.

Maggie Omura has never been a gambling woman. As assistant manager of Dirty, the hottest rock band on the planet, she brings order to the lives of four crazy-ass rock stars.

But when the band lands in Vegas, a streak of bad luck lands Maggie in a bind–and in the penthouse suite, with the last man she’d ever want for a roommate.

Zane Traynor, lead singer of Dirty. Rock god. Sex god. Total nightmare for women.

And the only man who’d make Maggie a proposal so insane it just might work.

A night of chance.
An irresistible gamble…
It’s time for Zane and Maggie to go all in.



“Maggie,” Zane said. “You know you deserve so much better than he ever did for you, right?”

“Well… yes,” I said. And I did know it. Deep down.

Of course I did.

But holy hell, did I ever need someone to say that to me right now.

Okay. Not just someone. Him.

Hearing those words out of Zane’s mouth and knowing he meant them made everything go kinda blurry around the edges. And as his gaze held mine, a familiar chaos began to unfurl inside me.

The thing about this was, I did not do chaos.

I did neat and orderly.

Zane Traynor was the last thing from neat and orderly, and I knew this. Zane Traynor was messy. Hence, why I did not do Zane Traynor.

Still, I’d tried my best over the years to keep our relationship neat and orderly. No matter how I tried that, my feelings for Zane were not neat and orderly; they were, in fact, a complete and total mess.

They were not rational.

They were complicated and, at times, utterly confusing.

Most of the time, they were not in my best interest.

Which was why I usually pretended they didn’t exist.

What I’d learned from that? Denial was a powerful survival mechanism.

Until it wasn’t.

Q+ADescribe this book in three words. 

Crazy. Sexy. Fun!

What was the best thing about writing this book?

Getting to know Maggie and Zane and exploring their complicated relationship. These two are dancing a line, balancing professionalism and deep feelings for one another. By the end of writing it, I was so invested in their story, I can’t wait to write their next book. This is a big love, but it won’t be an easy one.

Who is your favorite character from this book and why?

I came to love Zane while writing this book; I think I loved Maggie all along. She’s the kind of woman I just can’t help rooting for. She’s not your typical rock groupie or rocker’s wife. She’s strong and tough without losing her sweetness, and manages to hold her own in the crazy world of rock ’n’ roll. I can totally understand why a man like Zane would fall for her, hard.

What next can we expect from this series?

Next in the series is book #2, which is the story of Brody (Maggie’s boss, the band manager) and Jessa (guitarist Jesse Mayes’ sister). These were the first two characters I dreamed up when first starting to write this series, and I love them both, hard. I’m writing their book now. After that, the other band members will get their own books as well.



Jaine Diamond is a romance author who believes in fairy tales, ice cream, and true love. She lives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada with her real-life romantic hero (Mr. Diamond) and their baby girl. Her next release is Dirty Like Me, the first book in a rockstar romance series about the members of a sexy rock band and the women and men who love them is coming soon! Find Jaine on the interwebs:

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