New Release ✰ Saving All My Love for You by B. Love

Today is the book birthday for Saving All My Love for You by B. Love, the follow up novel to Give Me Something I Can Feel.  For those of you with a Kindle Unlimited membership, this book is also available to borrow for free.



After giving birth at the age of sixteen, Harlem promised to give her son the world – no matter how hard fulfilling that promise made her life. Two years after Hayden’s birth, Harlem finds herself trying to juggle being a mother, starting college, keeping her business running, and moving out of her brother’s home. Although he and his wife want nothing more than to help Harlem and Hayden, there’s only one person Harlem will ever share the responsibility of raising her son with. His father. Tage Young.

Tage Young’s life had been mapped out for him from the womb. He was expected to follow in his father’s footsteps and play in the NFL. Unlike his father, however, Tage was supposed to play long enough to make sure his parents and the rest of his family would be financially taken care of for the rest of their lives. That plan almost came to a halt when Tage and Harlem became parents. Tage foolishly allowed his parents to talk him into not only leaving Memphis for school, but leaving Harlem and Hayden as well.

Two years later, Tage has seemingly realized the error of his ways. He wants to fix things with his son… and Harlem. He wants to live for himself. Be his own man. A father to his son. A husband to Harlem. There’s just one thing standing in the way of that – Harlem. Over the past two years she’s saved her love and allowed no man to have access to it because of the heartache she experienced dealing with Tage. And if he thinks she’s going to allow him to waltz back into her life and heart… well… he’s got another thing coming! Or does she?

*This is a standalone novel, but the characters were first introduced in Give Me Something I Can Feel.*


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