Thoughtful Thursday ✰ Stalking Your Fave

I’ve always wondered how authors feel about readers who stalk them…not in the crazy, I want to find out where you live, move next door, become your best friend, and sneak into your house to roll around in your bedsheets way. I mean stalking as in, when is the next book coming? I need it NOW, way.


There are some authors who release books every couple of months; then there are some who publish at a much slower pace, releasing only 1-2 books per year. Admittedly, for the latter group I’ve been that reader chomping at the bit, visiting an author’s social media or website frequently hoping, wishing, and waiting not-so-patiently for the next book or teaser — particularly if it’s a continuing serial and/or the last book ended in a cliffhanger!

Some authors give firm release dates when they introduce a new project. Others give a broad range, e.g. Summer 2017. Still others, you won’t know when a book is coming ’til said author posts the purchase links online.


I can understand why some authors are vague or don’t provide dates. If for some reason — life happens — and they can’t release on the date they said, readers are in our feelings. I’ve been there!


Granted, it’s a good problem to have; readers wanting the next book 5 minutes after one just released. If fans are loving an author’s work it’s giving him/her the motivation (and money) to keep doing what they love. But do authors ever think it’s too much or goes too far?  Does it put undue stress or pressure on authors to produce when they may not be ready?

No matter how often your faves release a new book, if you’re loving their work, you want to know when the next book is coming. And if it can happen, we want it YESTERDAY! What’s your stance on “stalking” for the next book or update? How far have you gone? Authors, what say you?

Speak on it! Share your thoughts in the comments. 


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3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday ✰ Stalking Your Fave

  1. I don’t mind it… as long as readers are respectful and remember that writing is hard. Writing a GOOD book is really hard. If you want someone to toss out some crap every six weeks, those are out there. If you like my words and my voice, they come when it’s ready and not a second sooner. I do get irritated when I see the NOW demands for Authors they work their ass off to bring fresh material frequently. I have to reel in my petty and try not to be a bulldog about it but damn simmer down!

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    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly! Not everyone’s creative process is the same. I’d rather have quality if I’m spending my hard earned cash, than a book every other month that’s mediocre (at best) or utter trash (at worst).

      For authors who do produce very frequently — especially those who do so while still maintaining 9-5 day jobs and family obligations, I do have to bite my tongue when I see fans hounding authors for the next book so soon after a release. In everything, there’s a need to strike a balance between too much to soon and showing your love for someone’s work you enjoy.


  2. It’s not easy. I wish I were a faster writer, but I am not and I have accepted that my writing brain needs more time than some fans are willing to wait. My creative process needs time to research, to plot, shuffle around, rethink, scrap, rewrite or recreate. I need changes of scenery. Plus I still work full time and have to fit my writing in when and where I can. It’s not easy.

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