Thoughtful Thursday ✰ Reading Slump

I was very lucky to have almost 2 weeks off in December and early January which allowed me to rejuvenate physically and mentally. I did a lot of catching up with cleaning up the blog (did you notice the new layout?) and reading to my heart’s desire. I stocked my TBR list with some (hopefully) awesome new releases by my fave authors and upcoming releases for 2017. The goal is to be much more selective about what I’m reading, particularly reading outside my go-to box — i.e. more genres besides romance.

As we begin the second month of 2017, I’ve been running nonstop with the day job so I’ve been reading novellas when I have time to spare, but haven’t dedicated much time to the longer books I was looking forward to on my 2017 TBR list .


But my reading slump isn’t just about not having a lot of time to spare…

The country is in turmoil and more divided than ever since the new POTUS took office 2 weeks ago. I’m spending a lot of time reading the news and keeping up on social media versus spending time with my kindle. I’d be lying if all that isn’t affecting my mood overall.  I just can’t read heavy subject matter right now. I need to read about proverbial rainbows, unicorns and worlds where love and peace prevail.

For instance, I started a book last week that all my book friends are giving high praise. I read the first four chapters and my already sour mood plummeted further into the abyss. Not because the book wasn’t good. Quite the contrary! Even in those four chapters, I can already feel that this book is going to make my best of 2017 list, but it’s too heavy for my current mental and emotional states.

The other reason for my book slump is the fact that I just haven’t been very discriminating about what type of $^&! I’ve been choosing. We all know that although Kindle Unlimited has gotten better with it’s offerings, it is still rife with copious amounts of schlock. They can, admittedly, be fun sometimes. But those books can’t be the standard.  At least not for me.


I’ve read many short reads that feel almost like a fleshed out full-length book.  Then there are the ones that feel like when you burst in on a conversation in the middle and only get a small fraction of the story leaving you with all sorts of questions before you can give a thoughtful opinion.  I’ve been reading more of the latter than the former, much to my dismay.

I did read a couple of really good books in the beginning of January, which I’ll be reviewing soon. It’s not all bad, I guess.

So that’s my story…


Hopefully, this slump won’t last much longer and I can get back to reading books that I’m proud to review here and recommend to y’all.



Coco 💋



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    1. It really is! Reading can be escape sometimes but my mind is constantly spinning on other things that I wouldn’t even remember anything if I tried sometimes. You’ve been reading some really good ones, I see.


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