REVIEW ✰ Dirty Business by Monica Kaye



Like, for real?? I’ve wanted to read this book for quite some time. I finally do and I couldn’t be more disappointed!!


The story … if you can all it that … is just one long sex scene with very little growth between the characters. Dirty Business starts off with Chloe having a very detailed wet dream, which as I read more made no sense in this story besides just to add more sex…which wasn’t necessary in the least considering once Chloe and Sean meet there’s ample sexy time, particularly for a book this short. The sex scenes went on for pages upon pages.


Sean wasn’t very likable to me; the hard-ass alpha who likes to play games with his lady because he can.


Chloe…my word!


She’s supposed to be an intelligent, NYU-educated software engineer working as a Jill-of-all-trades aka executive assistant at a small tech company in Denver. First, even Sean asks why she’s doing that job when she could be — should be — doing so much more. And we never get an answer besides being promised that she’d eventually get her shot. But after multiple years she’s still hanging around waiting, wishing, and hoping her time will come, while the owner — who she’s nicknamed The Prick — of the company is framing her for corporate espionage and embezzlement. Chloe’s loyalty made no sense whatsoever!

Personally don’t have an issue with the main characters getting in on some no strings attached sex right out the gate. What bothered me most was the extra dose of slut-shaming Chloe keeps heaping upon herself about her so called wanton behavior. Although Chloe feels guilt about sleeping with Sean very soon after meeting him in a bar, when it comes to Sean she’s just so enamored with his love muscle that her good judgement goes out the window along with her disintegrating panties.


BUT…what really made me ragey was the ending when Sean accuses Chloe of some pretty serious offenses against him and the company, hate-fucks her, calls her ugly names then fires her. Some hours pass and he realizes his error, offers a weak apology and all is forgiven…then they get back to sexing each other’s brains out…the end.


There’s no wrap-up, no epilogue, nada; which was particularly irksome because there were some important (IMO) plot-points that were left open-ended. Honestly I’m not even sure I’d read anything by this author again in the future because this story left such a bitter taste in my mouth.