REVIEW ✰ Riding Her Rough (Death’s Door MC #1) by Jenika Snow


This is a very quick read…hot and steamy though not much depth.


Delilah is the 22 year old daughter of the Death’s Door MC president. Torque is a 45 year old nomad to the MC…he’s a man without roots, who until Delilah likes it that way. Despite the significant age difference, there’s no ick factor — conveniently Torque doesn’t officially “notice” Delilah until she’s 18.

I think this could have been a lot better for me if there was just more besides their one sexual encounter and off-page pining in the years leading up to when this book starts up. TBH, I could understand Delilah’s attraction to Torque…she’s young; he’s a hot, enigmatic older man. What young’un wouldn’t want that? But Torque’s side of this love thing — for a girl that he’s seen grow up, I needed more for that to curl all the way over for me.


That said, if you’re looking for a hot quickie, chock full of dirty talk and hints to other intriguing characters, Riding Her Rough is the book for you. Even though this wasn’t my fave, I’d continue with the series to get more from the other MC members and their old ladies that we met along the way.