REVIEW ✰ Full Package by Lauren Blakely


I’ve been seeing Lauren Blakely’s books in my social media timelines for a while now. I’ve also read a host of favorable reviews so I finally pushed this author up on my TBR and jumped into her newest release, Full Package. 

Chase, an ER physician, and Josie, a pastry chef and bakery owner are best friends who both live in NYC. Anyone who knows even a little bit about NYC, knows that real estate market is not for the faint of heart. Josie needs a roommate to share the rent on her tiny, but expensive studio, turned one bedroom and Chase needs to move out of his brother’s downtown apartment to someplace closer to the hospital where he works. Chase isn’t having any luck finding a one bedroom apartment that he doesn’t have to either sell a kidney or agree to a threesome with his real estate agent to pay the rent.

“I doubt you’ll be homeless. Besides, I’ve told you, the couch at my place has your name on it. Come to think of it, so does the bed, if you know what I mean.” I blink. I do know what she means. I just wasn’t expecting to be propositioned by my leasing agent at two in the afternoon on a Wednesday.”

What are two best friends to do? Move in with each other, as roommates, of course!


Chase and Josie have been friends for more than 10 years; they know everything there is to know about one another…or so they think.  Yes, Chase finds Josie incredibly attractive and they flirt  incessantly, but it’s all harmless…or so Chase tells himself.  Watching Josie go out on dates with other men…no problem!  That is until Chase actually lives in close quarters with Josie and he can no longer compartmentalize or ignore his feelings for Josie.


I love friends-to-lovers stories!  It’s my fave trope of all time.  Full Package is almost entirely from Chase’s POV, with a few excerpts from Josie sprinkled in.  Chase is hilarious and irreverent and the dialogue between he and Josie kept me smiling throughout this book.

“I’ve been known to watch porn from time to time.”
“Just from time to time?” I ask.
She shrugs naughtily, a little I’ve-got-a-secret look in her eyes.
“It’s okay. Tell the doctor. Masturbation is normal. Don’t be ashamed.”

It was obvious from early on that these two were madly in love…or at least on their way to it.  There’s the somewhat predictable conflict of these two friends being afraid of admitting their feelings, fearing they’d never be friends again when things went left. Of course, their friends and family have known that they’ve been perfect for one another all along.  Chase and Josie just have to get with the program everyone’s been watching happen for the last 10 years.

“She’s the woman for me.
She’s the one I want.
I’m fucking my friend.
I’m screwing my roommate.
And more that that, I’m also making love to the woman I’m falling in love with.”

Full Package is a deliciously sexy and light-hearted contemporary romance that I’d recommend to any and everyone.  Full Package may have been my first, but definitely wont be my last read by Ms. Blakely…looking forward to reading about Chase’s brother in the future.  Planning to check out her back list in the meantime as well.

Let me take a moment to say that either Ms. Blakely has lived in NYC herself or she really did her research! Kudos ma’am! I’m a native NYer and nothing burns my biscuits more than when authors don’t portray my beloved city accurately. Even though it’s fiction, those finer points can make or break a story (for me)! 

“You know all those TV shows where the perky twenty-something advertising assistant nabs a swell apartment with a flower planter, bright purple walls, and a reading nook on the Upper West Side? Or when the wet-behind-the-ears dude with an entry-level post at a magazine lands a swank bachelor pad in Tribeca? They lie.”