ARC REVIEW: Sweet Ride by Dani Wyatt


Thorn is a reformed bad boy turned successful businessman.  After completing his stint in prison, Thorne hasn’t had time for women or love.  He’s all work and no play and he’s accepted that as his plight.

“I’ve not touched a woman since before I went to prison. Something died in me between then and now, and until this second I think I just accepted that it would always be dead. At thirty-one years old, I’m comfortable that more than likely I’ll die never touching a woman again.”

That is, until he lays eyes on CeeCee when she comes into his donut shop one morning.

“As I move forward, I catch sight of the woman and her wave of goodbye as she’s turning away, moving toward the door.  Did anyone else feel the fucking earth shift under their feet?”

CeeCee hasn’t had it easy either.  Although she grew up privileged, she left it all at the tender age of 18…for reasons. She works for a sketchy dentist’s office in a poor neighborhood and gets paid under the table to keep her true identity a secret.

The insta-love mixed with a light suspense plot moves fast in so few pages here.  I had to suspend belief somewhat honestly. I found it hard to believe that CeeCee wouldn’t be a little more hesitant; falling for Thorne so quickly, after what she’s been through in her 25 years.  She knows almost nothing about Thorne besides…

“Donut shop dude.

In all his glory.

And I do mean glory. Suited inked, and alpha”

…before she’s at his home and in his bed.  CeeCee being so naive and trusting seemed contrary to the life she’s lived.  CeeCee was all over the place, actually.  One minute she’s all in with Thorne and the next she’s running away from him to a man who hasn’t ever done right by her….her father.


FTR, Sweet Ride is overall an enjoyable read. I just felt I needed more details and explanations; I wasn’t able to blindly accept Thorne or CeeCee’s actions at points and why they fell for one another so quickly.  In any case, there’s still a lot of good here.  Thorne is textbook alpha bad boy but sweet as the donuts he sells. I enjoyed that juxtaposition. Thorne isn’t a manwhore and will do anything for CeeCee, even face his past, once he’s decided she’s The One.  The sexy times between CeeCee and Thorne are raw and graphic with lots of dirty talk.


Finally, the epilogue gives us all the sweet heat every romance reader craves.


Rating: 3/5 stars

*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.*


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