REVIEW: Lies You Tell by LaQuette


Lies You Tell had two tropes that I very rarely, if ever, read — mafia boss and secret baby. Trust LaQuette to not only get me to read these tropes, but to love it in the process. Let’s get into it, shall we…

As far as Dante DeLuca knows the love of his life, Sanai Ward, perished in a building fire in Florida six years ago.  There’s no way the eyes he sees staring back at him at a hospital in New York City is Sanai.


It IS Sanai…in the flesh!  Not only is Sanai alive, she left Florida carrying more than just Dante’s heart. Now that Dante has found Sanai and the son he never knew he’d fathered, he’ll do whatever he must to keep them this time around. If that means Dante has to hide his involvement in La Cosa Nostra from Sanai, then so be it.


Lies You Tell is a story of a deep love between two people that even long separation and lies of omission couldn’t lessen.  It’s more than your typical mafia romance because family is at the story’s core. Every decision Dante makes is with Sanai and their son, who is battling illness, in mind.  There is no doubt that Dante means well, but I couldn’t help thinking throughout, “how long does he think he can keep secrets this big from coming out?
There’s not much I didn’t like about Lies You Tell, but Dante stretched the length of my patience with that shhh**!
If you’re looking for a sexy second-chance romance with a thread of suspense and authentic characters, Lies You Tell is the book for you. I’m looking forward to seeing where LaQuette takes us with this series in the future.
Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
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