ARC REVIEW: Family Ties: Love Has No Boundaries by Perri Forrest


I’d never read any of Perri Forrest’s work, but I’ve been hearing good things about her writing within various book groups for a while now.  So when the chance to read/review this book in advance of its release came my way, I jumped at it.  

Twenty-five year old Malina shares a 3 year old daughter with Rocco, fuck boy extraordinaire.


Rocco and Malina had a friends-with-benefits relationship that ended up with them going half on a baby.  That’s it; thats all!  When Rocco contacts Malina after almost 3 years, she’s rightly wary of Rocco’s sudden desire to be father of the year. If this were a typical romance novel, Malina would forgive Rocco for his dead beat dad ways, they’d bond over parenting their daughter, and then fall in love along the way.

Family Ties isn’t your typical romance novel.


Enter Rocco’s uncle and business partner, Zeke. From the moment Zeke and Malina lock eyes, there’s instant chemistry and desire between them.  Unlike his nephew, Zeke at a mere 3 years older than Rocco, isn’t a fuck boy looking to just use and abuse women for his own purposes.  Zeke is ready to lock it down and make a commitment, however complicated the circumstances may be considering the familial connection.

As hard as Rocco tries to act like a relationship between Zeke and Malina doesn’t phase him, his actions say otherwise.


Rocco eventually redeems himself; though he worked my damn nerves! And then there’s Rocco’s current girlfriend, Kia, who doesn’t hide her displeasure with Malina’s presence in their lives.  Kia…Kia, KIAAAAA…guuurrrrll.


As I said, Family Ties is not your typical romance novel. Overall, a well-executed and engaging plot, but there are a lot of POVs here, which at times I found distracting. I also wanted more of Malina and Zeke in real time to see the progression of their romance. Regardless of my somewhat minor issues with Family Ties, it is worth a read.  Also, I will be checking out Ms. Forrest’s backlist for more by her in the future.

Rating: 4/5 stars

*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.*


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