The Red Scot by Twyla Turner ✨ Release Day Spotlight

MRN is excited to bring you a new release from Ms. Twyla Turner today.  Happy Book Birthday, ma’am!! 🍾🍾🍾🍾

Twyla has graciously shared an excerpt, the inside scoop on her new book and future books to come in the Curvy Girls Club series with us. Check it out!!



She’ll be the greatest fight of his life…

Bradyn ‘The Red Scot’ MacTavish is the best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world, despite his humble beginnings as the fat kid growing up. A tragedy that befell his life changed him and made sure that he never felt helpless again. He spent years making a name for himself in the octagon as an alpha beast, but when it comes to the ladies he is a fumbling mess. Always feeling like the unpopular kid. The day that Payton Bailey walks into his gym changes everything.

When it comes to men, Payton is as clueless as she is with social cues. She prefers to stick with what she knows: Sci-Fi, comic books, video games and web design. After a heartbreaking incident her freshman year of college, she was never able to look at big muscular men the same way again. So imagine her surprise and absolute fright when she catches the eye of the massive, hulking MMA fighter, who she secretly nicknames The Red Giant.

The computer geek has done her best to avoid, ignore, and even maim Bradyn, but the stubborn Scot has no intentions of letting the skittish lass slip through his fingers. And with the help of her three friends, he just might win the fight of his life.
The Red Scot is the charming standalone novel and Book 1 of the Curvy Girls Club Series. A series about four inseparable best friends and their individual journeys to each find their Happily Ever After.


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Payton expelled a frustrated breath. No longer in the mood to finish her workout, feeling self-conscious and exposed. She grabbed her water bottle and headed to the locker room. Luckily, the two bullies had already left, heads held high in righteous indignation after they’d gotten over their humiliation.

Payton started to grab her things out of her locker, when she heard a conversation in the row behind her.

“Can you believe Bradyn banned them from the gym?” A high-pitched voice said.

“I know! And all over that girl.” A raspy voice responded.

“Right?!?” High-pitched voice got even higher.

“Have you seen the way he watches her and follows her around like a lovesick puppy dog?” Raspy voice said incredulously.

“Yeah.” High-pitch said sadly. “I don’t get it. I mean, she has a really pretty face and all…”

“…but he can have anyone he wants, so why would he choose her?” Raspy finished the open-ended question. “He’s physically fit, so he deserves his equal.”


Payton grabbed her things without thinking and ran from the locker room, unwilling to hear any more. As she rushed towards the main entrance to the gym, she shoved her clothes into her Star Wars tote bag. As was habit, Payton reached into her bag and wrapped her fingers around her pepper spray. She never walked through a dark parking lot, or even a lit one for that matter, without it in her hand.

She finished shoving the rest of her clothes into her bag as she moved towards her car on trembling legs. Her day had ended with enough humiliation to last her a lifetime. So she was ready for it to be over and start fresh tomorrow. Payton grabbed her key fob as she approached her car, when she heard footsteps quickly advancing on her from behind. She put her finger on the trigger of her pepper spray.


The rest of her would-be-attacker’s words were cut short as Payton turned and fired her pepper spray. She didn’t hesitate. She didn’t think. She just acted. She closed her eyes and squeezed the trigger.

“Jesus H. Christ! Enough!” A familiar voice with a heavy Scottish accent reached her ears.

Oh no! Payton cringed inwardly.

She released the trigger and saw the Red Giant bent over with his hands pressed against his eyes. The crimson liquid from the spray dripped down his face, blending in with his red beard. In his hands, also covered with red spray, looked a lot like Payton’s virginal white bra that she was sure she’d stuffed into her bag.
Describe The Red Scot in four words. 
Charming, sweet, funny, and sexy.
Where did the inspiration for this book come from?
A couple of things came together for inspiration. One, I wanted to do a story about friends and wanted to focus on each one’s love journey. A black Sex and the City. I also read a story on Facebook where two physically fit women were making fun of a curvy girl and tried to take pictures of her. A nice guy stepped in and told them to leave her alone. That is what first inspired book 1 The Red Scot. And another added element was a real life story (meet cute) that another author watched unfold at her gym. She shared it on FB and I think the story inspired several authors. LOL! It was a shy hunky guy and a clueless curvy girl that slowly came together during their workouts.
Who is your favorite character from this book and why?
I love both the main characters, but I’d have to say the hero, Bradyn MacTavish. He’s such a contradiction. He’s an alpha beast in the octagon, but this shy stammering sweetheart when he deals with women. He has some old school qualities as well that seem lacking these days.
Who would play your characters in the movie version of this book? 
This is a hard one. I guess the best person to play the role of Bradyn would be Sam Heughan (Jamie from Outlander) and maybe Jennifer Hudson as Payton, if she toned down her sassiness and brought out her awkward side.
The Red Scot is book 1 in the Curvy Girls Club series, what next can we expect from this series?

Next, I want to write Royal’s story. Hers will be an unconventional love story. And that’s all I can say about that one. 😉

Author Bio

7430220I was born and raised in Joliet, IL. I wrote my first story in the 3rd grade and fell in love with creating my own world. But throughout the years I have lacked the discipline to actually sit down and write. Even with a minor in Creative Writing (which should have been my major).
I have been a avid romance novel reader since Jr. High and have read hundreds. I have lived in Chicago, Japan, California and now reside in Arizona. And I wanted nothing more than to combine my love of romance, writing and traveling and put them in a book.
So one day out of the blue while in the middle of reading another book, the story that I had started months ago kept bombarding my every thought. Until I couldn’t even continue to read the book I was in the middle of. I put down my Nook and picked up my laptop and about fifteen days later, I had finished my first draft of my manuscript. It was the most exhilarating moment of my life. To know that I finally did it. That I finally finished something that I had started. And now I’m and AUTHOR and PUBLISHER! I never would have thought that was possible three months ago. I just hope that everyone that picks up any of the books I write from here on out, enjoy them as much as I did writing them.


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