REVIEW: Torn (Devils Wolves #1) by Carian Cole


by Carian Cole

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was introduced to Torn via my KU recommendations on Amazon. Carian Cole being a new author for me, not having read any of her previous works, I was intrigued though a little hesitant to borrow this one. May-December romance is right up my alley; though I’m usually not too keen on the forbidden love affair between a 30-something and a teenager. In the end, I was glad I gave this one a chance and found a new author to enjoy.
As I said, Tor being Kenzi’s parents’ best friend and her surrogate “uncle” gave me pause. This is one of the few books where I read reviews before downloading to see what I was getting myself into — I’m not here for a salacious, gratuitous sexfest between an dirty older man and a barely-legal girl. NOPE!

Ms. Cole successfully and skillfully alleviated me of any ick factor I had going in. Both MCs struggle with the change in their relationship, especially Toren. Kenzi wasn’t your average, flighty 17-18 year old by any means, but her age does explain her naïveté and eagerness to be all in once she comes to terms with her feelings. Toren, on the other hand, is realistically more reticent.

“We can’t, Kenzi. You’re seventeen. I’m fucking thirty-two. You’re my best friend’s kid. Trust me, it would never, ever work. Not one person in our lives would accept us. Think about that. Think about how close you are to your family. Think about how close I am to your family. And now think about how disgusted they would be. How much they would hate me. Could you be happy with that?”

This romance is a very sloooooowwww burn. Understandably so. Although I wanted the story to progress a bit faster at points, this review would be very different if these two didn’t take their time. I grew to deeply understand who Tor and Kenzi were and the complex nature of their love story; not just over the few months of their secret affair, but the years leading up to it.


Why is it acceptable to get involved with a total stranger, who could do any number of things to hurt you or betray you, but not get involved with someone who has cared about you since the day you were born? Is it all a matter of social perspective?

If you’re looking for a unique take on the forbidden romance, I’d highly recommend you add Torn to your TBR.

Borrowed via Kindle Unlimited

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