REVIEW: Author Anonymous: A True Story by E.K. Blair


Author Anonymous: A True Story by E.K. Blair

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My word, this book was so emotionally draining!

It’s hard to write a spoiler-free review because there’s just so much to unpack…but I’ll try because everyone who reads this book should get to experience every heart wrenching moment for themselves. So here goes…

First, I wouldn’t call this story romance or romantic by any means. Don’t go into this expecting some epic love story where it’s hearts and rainbows, wrapped up with a pretty ending. Tori aka Victoria aka Anonymous is a happily married (if a little bit bored), mother of 2 and a romance author at the peak of her career. Experiencing some writer’s block and under pressure from her publisher, Tori finds herself on a fetish website doing research for her next book. There she meets Alec and over the course of a week she changes the trajectory of her life!

I’ve probably already told y’all too much, so I’ll just jump right into how how this story made me feel rather than rehash the plot.

Tori is one of the most infuriating heroines I’ve EVER read. She made me angry…like, are you f***ing kidding me with this ish, type angry! IMHO, Tori deserved everything she got. I actually felt like she didn’t deserve the HFN ending she got because her behavior was so deplorable over the course of this book. I didn’t feel the least bit of pity for Tori. Though I empathized with those around her and how Tori’s actions affected her husband, her kids, her best friend, even Alec; I wanted to throat punch Tori, so bad!


After reading that you’re probably wondering, why the 5 star rating, then??

Well….it’s been a long while since I’ve read a book that evoked so much emotion from me, honestly. As much as I hated what Tori was doing, I couldn’t stop reading. I was enthralled, entranced and invested in knowing what would come next and how this would all end. The writing flowed well, the pacing was perfect — particularly for a story that happens over the course of about a year plus, without feeling like the story was jumping too fast or dragging on. I felt everyone’s emotions as if they were my own; even Tori, sometimes. There’s a lot of sexy time in this book, though it somehow feels wrong being a voyeur to Tori and Alec being bad. Me reading the sex scenes and stolen moments between them…


This isn’t a pretty story, but it’s realistic in it’s telling. I think there are parts of Tori that anyone who has been in a long term relationship will/can relate to — for better or worse.


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