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Happy Monday, Friends!  Hope July is treating you all well. I’m delighted to introduce you all to an author I admire and whose work I greatly enjoy.  MRN shines the spotlight on Author Harper Miller this month. Let’s jump right in to get to know Harper and her work…


Harper Miller is a thirty-something native New Yorker. She’s traveled the world and lived in a variety of places but always finds her way back to the Big Apple. A lackluster love life leaves time to explore new interests, for Harper, it is writing. The Sweetest Taboo: An Unconventional Romance is her debut novel. In her mind, the perfect Alpha male possesses intellect, humor, and a kinky streak that rivals the size of California. When she isn’t writing, Harper utilizes her graduate degree in the field of medical research. She enjoys fitness-related activities, drinking copious amounts of wine and going on bad dates.

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What is your favorite word or phrase in the English language?
Ostentatious. It sounds brassy, ludicrous, and fabulous all at the same time.
Describe your latest release, Complexity, in six words.
Crude, heart-warming, authentic, bold, queer, sexy.
Who/what inspires you/your stories?
New York City. It’s my constant source of inspiration. I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I’ve come across all different types of people, and I like to have a few of those people show up in the stories I write. The material is endless.
What author living or dead would you like to have a night on the town with?
Stephen King. He looks like he has some fucked up stories to tell. And he’s probably pretty decent at beer pong. Dead? Audre Lorde. I’m sure she had an arsenal of amazing stories to tell. A little wine and she’d spill.
Who is your favorite character from one of your books and why?
I’d have to say, Manny. I was just talking with a friend about the stories I’ve written, and if you had asked me this question before I wrote Complexity, I would’ve said Rick Thomas from The Sweetest Taboo, but now it’s Manny.
That guy is real. He keeps it 100. I know many men like Manny, they present with a tough exterior but with the right person, they completely melt. You also know not to cross any boundaries because they’ll put you down in a heartbeat. It’s amusing when you see guys who are such badasses turn into saps. Two guys in particular inspired Manny’s personality. If they knew that little factoid, they’d probably kill me.
If your life were a book, in what genre would it be? And what would the title be?
Romantic comedy. Fuck the Pain Away. Clearly, it’s an X-rated romantic comedy, LOL. Straight to DVD if it were ever turned into a movie. But of course, it’d be in the erotic romance genre.
If you were written about in the newspaper, on the front page, what would the headline say? Depends on the newspaper. If it were the NY Post, it would probably say something like, “Romance Novelist Twerks Her Way Onto the NY Times Bestseller List: She backed that thang up the charts.” Now, the NY Times? “A Local Smut Novelist Shows a Different Side of Erotic Romance.”
Morning person or night owl?
Morning person. Ridiculously pleasant most days.
If you could only take only one book on a trip, what book would you take? Why?
The Pocket Dalai Lama. I carry it with me everywhere. It keeps me grounded. The Dalai Lama is incredibly insightful, and I find his words to be very encouraging.
You’ve just published publish your 5th book, what was the hardest thing about writing your latest novel?
This a tough question but I’ll be really raw with my response. Focusing was the most difficult thing about penning this tale. Writing Complexity was the only time I ever let outside influences interfere with my writing process. Usually, I think of a story line, and I sit down to write it. This time, I sat down to write it and smack dab in the middle, I got thrown off balance, and it took me a long time to get back on track. I got caught up in what someone else was doing, and it totally messed with my creative process. I’ve never been one to care about crap like that, but I guess it happened at a vulnerable time. Perhaps Mercury was in retrograde or something, but doubt was able to sneak in and kick my ass for a little bit. Lots of pep talks with my editor and my cover artist helped me get over the hurdle. They understood why I was having a hard time and tried to smack some sense into me. Eventually, it worked.
Now that I’ve endured that battle, I know how to move past it so it won’t ever happen again. The oddest things can trigger mayhem, but you’re never too old to learn from downfalls. Obstacles happen for a reason.
Read an excerpt from an unedited snippet of Harper’s WIP releasing late Fall/Early Winter 2016
(c) Harper Miller 2016
This was our Friday night ritual. Marissa and I would hit up a wine bar or lounge around the city and catch up on life. Life chat consisted of recapping the week’s dating woes (because being single in your late 30s and living in NYC almost always guaranteed dating woes), work gossip, drama in the indie book world and the most recent forum topics that drove me batty. Marissa was my sounding board. She was the only person who understood me and my lunacy. She was also the only person I bitched to when it came to irksome Reeve.
Marissa and I had been friends for about twenty years. We met back in college in a psych class. One too many jello shots the night before at a Beta Beta Mu fraternity party had me oversleeping. I stumbled into class ridiculously late and snagged a seat next to her. Squinting, due to the fluorescent lights that were bright enough to usher planes onto the runway at LaGuardia, I asked to copy her lecture notes. She saw me struggling to remain upright and offered me a couple of Tylenol, and a bottle of water from her bag before having mercy on me and letting me copy her notes. A lifelong friendship was forged from a wicked hangover.
Lately? Lately, we barely had a moment to connect during the week with her job as a Financial Services Manager taking up so much of her time. I hadn’t the slightest clue regarding the intricate details of her job, but I knew it involved moving money around and frequent travel between New York City and Boston. She worked for one of those cushy companies that provide tax and advisory services to people all over the world. I also knew Marissa’s job kept her well compensated. It’s how she’s able to afford her insane Louboutin habit. That gal had more red bottoms than a fetish club in midtown. Me on the other hand, I was a full-time writer. I’d written thirteen romance novels in five years. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

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