ARC REVIEW: Same Page/Next Chapter Duology by G.L. Tomas


Same Page/Next Chapter Box Set by G.L. Thomas

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Naima (aka Staten Island) is a 27 year old, Nigerian-American pursuing a degree in linguistics in Providence, RI.  She meets Timothy (aka Timberland), a Portuguese-American, fellow student and assistant manager at a local bookstore, when she interviews for a job. There’s an instant attraction and connection over movies, books and music between these two. Naima and Timothy become fast friends with the promise of more. That is until Naima learns that Timothy has a long-distance girlfriend of four years.


I have to give them credit, Naima and Tim TRIED real hard to ignore their attraction, but…


There was a time not long ago that I’d stop reading a book and throw it into the DNF pile if there was cheating, but I’ve learned to take each book individually before I blindly dismiss it on that one plot point.  It’s still not my fave trope, but not every love story starts in the perfect way or is wrapped up in a pretty bow.

I loved the diverse cast of characters in this duology, which felt natural rather than deliberate or forced.  One thing I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with is how homogeneous the casts of most books are; particularly the new adult genre. This author duo really brought this series to life. I was so engaged I barely took a break from reading for hours on end.  The friendships, emotions and struggles of these young people were authentically portrayed. No one is perfect here and things get really messy — mostly of their own making — for Tim and Naima before they figure out that they can’t live without one another, no matter how hard they might try to do so.

I didn’t mind the HFN ending, but I did feel like it was a bit abrupt; leaving me with some questions as to whether Tim and Naima really could make it to HEA. Otherwise, a very enjoyable read that I’d recommend to anyone looking for an out of the ordinary contemporary romance.  This was my first time reading G.L. Tomas’ work, but I will definitely be adding their titles to my list of future reads to check out.

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