REVIEW: Same Time Next Week by DL White

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Same Time Next Week by D.L. White

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shelby Morris is having trouble sleeping at night. What’s a girl to do? Go to the supermarket at 4am, of course. There she is putzing in the aisles with her messy ponytail, wrinkled t-shirt and yoga pants when she runs into uber-handsome, international superstar, former boy bander, Jackson Sweeney!
Jackson isn’t bothered by any of that. He just wants to see this beauty again…

Shelby and Jackson accidentally-on-purpose find themselves at the same supermarket in the wee hours of the morning again and so it begins…

Neither Shelby or Jackson are looking for a forever relationship. But fate has other sexy date leads to weekly meet-ups every Thursday for hot sex, good food, and chocolate cake. Months pass; Jackson wants more from Shelby. Shelby is unwilling to give him more than what they’ve agreed to. Jackson should tell Shelby…

But love…

Shelby can’t hide out any longer when an enemy from her past puts her demons right out on front street for Jackson. Shelby and Jackson have to make a decision; continue to hide or fight for what they’ve built.

Because, love…

The more I read by DL White the more I fall in love with her writing.  Her characters are real — they have real life issues and they aren’t perfect. There were moments while reading Same Time Next Week when I didn’t like Shelby. AT. ALL. I wanted her to just come clean to Jackson and admit to her feelings for him. There were moments when I wanted Jackson to stop being so easy-going and give Shelby an ultimatum. I was eager to know what Shelby was hiding so I read this book in one sitting. There was no dinner made that evening. Just enough conflict to keep me engaged and wanting more, without being trite. Ooooh yeah!! Shelby and Jackson have to work for their HEA.  I’m here for it!

Let’s not forget the sexy…this book is HOT!!


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