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For May, MRN puts the spotlight on Author AshleyNicole. Let’s jump right in to get to know Ashley and her work…


I’m a baby author straight out of New Haven, CT. I’m currently studying for my nursing degree, while working full-time as a scheduling manager at a home care agency. I love technology, literature and food. Lol.

Reading has always been my escape and drug of choice. I write things that I would want to read. I grew up reading authors who were decades older than I was, and although the stories were amazing, I couldn’t relate. I’m writing for my generation. My goal is to write stories surrounding positive Black Love, with a little humor tossed in.

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When did you decide you wanted to be a romance author? 

I don’t remember ever actually sitting and making a definitive decision to become a romance writer. I believe the first romance novel I ever read was Cheaters by Eric Jerome Dickey and after that my appetite for books just exploded. When I was 13, I wrote my first full length love story. I always wanted to get it published, but at the time I had neither the motivation nor patience to follow through with it. Over the years, I’ve written countless stories and just left them on my computer. I started reading CCJ about a year and a half ago and the speed of her releases interested me. So, I looked into what she was using to publish and did a little research. After I saw how easy it was to publish through Kindle, I just made the decision to try and get something out.

As a new indie author, what has been the most surprising (good or bad) aspect of publishing you’ve encountered?

I am a very very pessimistic individual. I didn’t publish with any goals in mind. I felt my work was good, but I didn’t think many people would – I wasn’t even sure how I was going to get my work out there for people to see it. So, when I started getting messages and kudos and demands for my work, I was floored. Still am.

Is there a certain type of scene that’s harder for you to write than others…e.g., love scene, emotional tear jerker, comedic? 

I SUCK at conflict. Arguments in particular, especially between my main characters. I struggle with how far and how long to take the conflict. I want them to be together right now and never break up, but I know that there has to be some issue to drive the story. That’s why I usually have my conflicts indirectly affect the relationships.

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

I love having complete autonomy over these little worlds that I’m creating. I love knowing exactly what’s going to happen.

Who is your favorite character from one of your books and why?  

Storee’s (One More Touch) grandfather Pop Pop quickly became my favorite character of all time and I’m sure he’ll stay that way. I included him and Storee Sr. in the series, because I wanted to show that love doesn’t just stop when you’re young. I wanted a strong established couple and they were who popped into my head. Initially, I had no idea that he was going to transform into the gregarious scoundrel he became. I love his honesty, his rawness and especially his devotion to his wife.

If you had a superpower, what would it be? 

Telepathy. There are so people in my life that I need control over. Lol.

What would readers be surprised to find out about you? 

I am SHY. Online, I can be as open and fun as anybody; however, in person I am extremely shy. I’m am antisocial introvert deep down, to the bone.

What’s next for you? What are you working on now? 

Prior to Stew and Sarah (One More Kiss), I was working on a spin-off of the One More series about the basketball player, Tory Barker, (Malakai designed the shoes for him) and the journalist who interviewed Kai for the Kick Back article. The story is actually finished, I just need to do some clean up and it’ll most likely be out by mid-May.



♦♦♦ SYOPSIS ♦♦♦

Sarah Samuels and Stewart Mitchel have been sworn enemies all of their lives. One night of pleasure, however, takes them to a place where neither would have ever thought they’d end up: Lovers.

Sarah is ready for love, but Stewart isn’t so sure. She’s everything he would want in a mate, but he’s not exactly looking for one.

A familial tragedy is holding him back from truly accepting her into his heart, meanwhile there’s familial drama for Sarah to overcome as well. Can they get through past and current hurts and learn to accept love?

Read an excerpt from One More Kiss (One More Book 3)

Thanksgiving 2015

Kai: Taking the Drunkcab. Will send it back.”

Why is he leaving? I wondered. We’d only been at the party for a little over an hour and Kai was cutting out. I shrugged, backing out of my text messages and opening my twitter app. A tweet from my cousin Minah caught my attention:

Hair&Mi: Fighting these new urges harder than Tyson in his prime.

What the hell is she talking about? Again, I shrugged it off. Wasn’t my business. She’d tell me later if it was that serious.

“Why did Kai leave?” A familiar voice asked over my shoulder and entirely too close to my damn ear. I realize the music was loud, but he didn’t have to be pressed all up on me.

“Do I look like I read minds? I got the same that text you got,” I responded, turning towards him, making sure he caught my eye roll.

He looked up to the ceiling as if beseeching God to give him the strength to deal with me and muttered, “Why do I even bother,” before returning his attention back to me, “I asked you, because you were the last one with him. I thought maybe he’d said something to you before he left, but if that wasn’t the case, you could have simply replied that you didn’t know.”

Instead of responding, I turned and walked away.

I argued with him because I wanted him so badly and I knew it was one sided. I did my best to stay away from him because of that, but he was a part of my family, I had to see him.

At the end of the night, we all piled into the Drunkcab we’d rented: me, Stewart and his twin Joseph. I wasn’t necessarily drunk, but I was extremely nice: body was limber and loose, but I still had my wits about me.

I’d parked my car at Stewart’s, so after Joseph got out at his house, it was just the two of us. I turned my entire body away from him, and focused my attention outside.

Even after dancing for hours and getting all sweaty, he still smelled good. His long body was stretched out beside me, his head rested back on the seat, eyes closed.

For the longest time, I’d marveled at how cute he was. I have no idea why of the two, I was more drawn to him than Joseph, I mean, they were identical twins. What damn difference did it make? Personality wise, Joseph was the nicer one. But no, of course I was knee over heels infatuated with this jerk.

The cab pulled up in front of his house, he stepped from the car before I did. My keys were inside, so I had to follow him in to get them. I was suddenly regretting not having the Drunkcab pick me up from my place: I was moving past nice and into drunk.

Shit. I can’t stay here. I stumbled slightly, trying to catch myself before Stewart saw. I could be so lucky. He glanced over his shoulder just as I would have tripped and extended his arms to catch, hooking me below my underarms.

“Clearly, you’re not driving anywhere tonight.”

“Clearly, you don’t tell me what to do,” I returned. We were in his living room, which was pitch black except for the one shard of light coming through the front window from the street lights.

“You right,” he began, taking a step back from me and walking across the room to the table I’d left my keys on, “I’m not going to tell you what to do, but you won’t be getting your keys until tomorrow morning. So, find a guest room, lay your happy ass down and sleep that shit off. I’ll give you your keys in the morning.”

Bastard turned his back on me then, and walked to the back of the house to his room, where he closed the door. I knew I shouldn’t drive. I did. I had no intention of driving, but Stewart telling me what to do was not about to go down. Childish… I know. Sue me.

Before I did anything, I needed to peel my aching feet out of the ridiculously gorgeous but ridiculously painful heels I’d worn to the party. I don’t understand why it has to hurt so much to be beautiful, but damn. My toes were so white when I took the shoes off, I was afraid the blood wasn’t going to flow back into them. I massaged them for what had to be ten minutes before they started feeling remotely normal.

I didn’t want him to hide my keys then fall asleep, so I decide to just walk the rest of the pain out on my way to Stewart’s closed bedroom door, which I opened without knocking.  The room wasn’t necessarily modest, but it wasn’t overly ornate either. The focus of the room was definitely the massive Shaquille O’neal sized bed, framed by two dark wood side tables with matching brass lamps. A television hung from the wall across from the bed with a dresser sitting just below that. There was a door to the left of the television that I assumed was his closet. I have to say, I was so enjoying the feel of the plush black carpet beneath my aching feet.

He was sitting at the foot of the bed, scrolling through his phone… in a black towel. His torso was still wet from the shower, and suddenly, so was I.

“I told you I wasn’t giving you the key.” He didn’t even bother looking up, which frustrated the hell out of me. Add to that the fact that his tone was reminiscent of a parent chastising their child and I was moving straight to pissed off.

“I don’t need you to police me Stewart,” my voice snapped and rose slightly, “I’m not trying to leave. I need to get my change of clothes out of my trunk. I’m not sleeping in this damn dress.”

I stood there with my hands on my hips, glaring at the top of his head, watching as he finally shifted his eyes from the phone, slowly drifting them up my body with an extremely unbothered gaze that was definitely bothering me. Thank goodness the dress was black, or he might’ve seen my nipples pebbling. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was checking me out, but I knew better.

“My keys Stewart,” the shrill of my voice caused his eyes to snap from his slow perusal to my face, “Can I have them?”

“I’ll give you a t-shirt,” he replied, tossing his phone on the bed and rising to his feet, the same unhurried/unbothered expression on his cute ass face.

“Why would I wear one of your funky ass shirts that you hand out to every girl who strolls through here, when I have my own clothes outside in my damn car?” He barely spared me a glance as he sauntered over to the dresser and pulled a shirt out, tossing it dead in my face.

“Shut up. Put the shirt on. Go lay down. End of fuckin’ story.”

I wasn’t shocked that he’d spoken to me like that, but I was. Like, that was stupid. His mouth was reckless. But… I don’t know. I couldn’t even speak for a couple of seconds, so we jus stood there glaring at each other.

He lifted a brow as if to say, “why aren’t you moving?” Instead of saying anything, I stubbornly crossed my arms and continued to glare. I was not around for Stewart Mitchel thinking he was going to be bossing me around like a toddler.

“Sarah,” he groaned, face tilted toward the ceiling, beseeching God again, “Listen to me: I’m fuckin tired. I’ve been up all day, my liquors kicked in, so I’m nice. I just want to get in my bed and go the fuck to sleep. However, you’re standing here preventing that. On top of all that, I haven’t had any ass in three damn days. I’m aggravated, tired and horny. If I were you, I wouldn’t needle me right now. Go lay your tipsy ass down and I’ll give you your keys in the morning. This is my last warning to you.”

I didn’t move. He waited, eyes roving over me, tongue caressing his left incisor. The towel was still perfectly intact around his waist; however, there was a wide imprint in the front of the towel that I hadn’t noticed before. Wait… Is he har-

“Fuck it,” was all I heard before he advanced on me, grabbing my face with both hands and thrusting his minty tongue into my mouth. Even in my inebriated state, I felt like I should pull away, but I couldn’t, I’d wanted this since I was a teenager.


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I met AshleyNicole in an author’s fan group, having no idea she was an author herself for months. As she alludes to in her interview, she’s a hoot online – full of sass and vinegar as my Granny would say 😂 😂 😂, which she injects into her stories and characters. And I’m here for it — especially when it’s a feisty heroine. After reading just one book, I knew she was an author I’d be adding to my must-watch list. In five months, she’s been quite busy, releasing 4 books with a fifth on the way!  I look forward to AshleyNicole’s continued success and reading more stories from her. You can purchase her books on Amazon or borrow via Kindle Unlimited. Find her book list below:

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I hope you’ve found your next favorite book!



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