✰✰✰COVER REVEAL & EXCERPT✰✰✰ Let’s Ride by Xyla Turner

Book Title: Let's Ride (Legion of Guardians, Book 2)
Author: Xyla Turner
Genre: Motorcycle Club Romance, Contemporary
Release Date: May 31, 2016


“Dying to talk to you, but too stubborn to start the conversation…”~ Unknown

After one night together and a misunderstanding almost four years ago leaves Shay and Bronx not wanting to have anything to do with each other or so they think! Once, Shay’s sex buddy wears out his welcome, and Bronx learns about the arrangement, all of the shit hits the fan. A run-in with another MC, since Shay’s cousin’s trouble, found its way into Manor puts Bronx in a position to help the woman he has dreamt of having for the last four years. The attempt they make at exploring their unrequited attraction is challenged when the full truth is revealed, and old mistakes come back to haunt them. Let’s Ride is a book filled with excitement including the return of Lori, which completely shocks the small town of Manor and Dessy taking on an unexpected member of the Guardians.


Bronx to the rescue!

Scene starts with Bronx on the phone with Razor.

“You hear anything about another club running through here?” I asked.

“Naw, where you at?”

“Cedar Street, near the townhouses.” I looked around. “Almost dead around here with only a few people on the streets, but five guys on Harley’s have cornered a guy.”

“On my way,” Razor growled.

I hopped out my cab and the closer I got, the louder I heard the voice I should not have.

“Move out of my fucking way, you big ass beast.” She said.

Oh, fuck no.

Fuck no!?!

“Problem,” one of the guys that was atop his bike asked me.

“Yeah,” I nodded.

All three guys turned to face me and one of them had Shay by the arm.

“Boys, this one here has a problem.” The bigger guy got off of his bike, looking like he consumed way too much beer over the years.

Assessing the guys surrounded Shay, one had to be a leader, the others would follow him. Two were husky like they were former football players and the other was short but bulky. They did not seem like the active types, so counting the odds, I would have to take them before Razor came.

One of them stepped forward, he had a braided beard, with beads on the end, and unkempt hair. This one was their leader.

“You are?” He asked.

“This is Guardian territory.” I did not answer him.

“Ahh, heard about you angels, walking around trying to keep the streets safe.” The rest of them laughed. “What business you have here?”

“This is my town, what business do you have here?” I asked.

“We’re just passing through. Came to collect some information.” He pointed to Shay who was surprisingly quiet. “And we’ll be on our way.”

I nodded my head and assessed my boots before I spit on the ground.

“Problem is, she’s mine.” I pointed to Shay.

Her eyebrows rose, but I sent her a quick look of ‘shut the fuck up.’

“Oh, now the little lady didn’t say she belonged to no one. Now did she fellas?” The leader asked.

They all shook their heads and grunted various versions of their bullshit no’s.

“I see.” I stepped closer to the leader and growled, “But I’m telling you, she’s mine.”

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