REVIEW: You Make Me Better by AshleyNicole 


You Make Me Better by AshleyNicole

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I first “met” Nathan in One More Night. At the time I didn’t know that You Make Me Better was a stand alone with Nathan and Kallie as the leads occurring prior to the One More series. Nathan is described as more cantankerous “GET OFF MY LAWN!!” type old man than a hot, sexy, and young ladies man so I wasn’t all that interested in reading a book about him as a hero honestly.


When I became really interested in Nathan and Kallie was in the latest release in the One More series, One More Kiss where Nathan gets his friend, Stewart, together when Stewart is acting an ass over what to do with his lady love. But I digress; that’s a review for another day. After finishing One More Kiss I needed to read YMMB.

I started YMMB very late in the evening and only stopped at 65% because I literally could not keep my eyes open as the night wore on. Then I woke up first thing the next morning to finish it.

Kallie and Nathan meet while working on the same home renovation as interior designer and general contractor, respectively. From the moment sassy Kallie tells Nathan where to stick it, when his mouth writes a check his ass can’t cash; I knew these two were going to set my kindle aflame. And they did not disappoint!!

I loved EVERY SINGLE WORD of Nathan and Kallie from the snarky banter to the explosive chemistry and passion between them. I’ve read all of AshleyNicole‘s published books thus far and this is hands down my favorite story/couple! Not that I didn’t like the others, but I fell in love with both Nathan and Kallie from the first chapter. Nathan’s back story…


His transformation from angry, ornery loner was heart-wrenching at times, though heart-warming. I FLOVED how this story demonstrates how abuse affects a family on so many levels without trivializing Nathan’s family’s backstory with a quick fix for the sake of the story.

Overall, YMMB is a captivating, engaging story that I’d recommend to anyone and everyone.


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