ARC REVIEW: Marco (Indecent Exposure #1) by Raven St. Pierre

From the moment Raven St. Pierre posted the excerpt of Chapter 1 of Marco on her blog, I was completely captivated by this story.

Marco and Brynn are strangers who hook up in a bar bathroom during an alcohol fueled night. They never expected to see each other again. Once the drunken haze clears, memories of that night are vague at best on both parts. Then Brynn calls Marco with life changing news!


I really enjoyed how these two dealt with a not-so-ideal situation, leading Brynn and Marco to HEA.  Although Brynn and Marco know each other in the biblical sense already when the book starts, Marco is a slow burn romance as they build an organic friendship and figure out how to make the best of the cards they’ve been dealt.

Although his actions that night with Brynn might suggest otherwise, Marco has a strong sense of responsibility; doing whatever is necessary to take care of his family.  Marco wasn’t supposed to be a part of Brynn’s somewhat boring life’s plan but she’s stronger than she gives herself credit.  When Marco’s career choice becomes an issue between them Marco again proves he’s the man for Brynn.

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Marco and Brynn are both characters who everyone will love.  I’m eager to continue the series with the other guys we met in Marco.

Rating: 4/5 stars

*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.*


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