REVIEW: Jacked Up (Bowen Boys #4) by Elle Aycart


Jacked Up by Elle Aycart

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

We’re no strangers to Jack Copeland and Elle Cooper. They’ve been circling each other for years now since Jack’s best friend, James, and Elle’s sister, Tate, got together. Elle loves pestering Jack and Jack loves to hate Elle. Jack wants Elle something fierce, but plans to keep his distance. That is, until Elle needs his protection and he has to be with Elle 24/7.

This is the first time I haven’t absolutely LOVED one of Elle Aycart‘s alpha heroes. I was okay with Jack’s cantankerous nature and denial of his true feels for Elle at the beginning, but once they succumb to their lust for one another, he’s still cranky and in one instance, downright mean to Elle. It just went on too long for my liking.


Then one day, BAM! Jack magically comes to his senses and he’s sweet as pie from there on out? I just didn’t believe it.

And Elle…sigh. I love a funny, feisty heroine who’s not a yes woman to an alpha hero usually, but Elle was downright stupid at points.

No doubt there was major LUST between these two and their sexy times set my kindle ablaze, but the LOVE story just never curled all the way over for me. I enjoyed the updates/cameos from the Bowen’s and their lady loves. Looking forward to the next book with the Bowen brothers’ long lost half-sister.

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