REVIEW: A Thin Line by D.L. White



A Thin Line by D.L. White

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Angie and Preston have known each other for their whole lives. Their parents were friends and they grew up right next door to one another. In high school, they take their relationship from childhood friends to lovers. They are each other’s first…

…or so Angie thought. When Angie finds out that Preston tasted the pleasures of the flesh before her — with her archenemy no less…

I love a second chance love story! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Angie and Preston have the added dimension of being sworn enemies for the last 18 years since they broke up as teenagers.

Hoping that Angie and Preston will bury the hatchet, their friends enlist them to plan their destination wedding.

“You picked the two people who don’t get along to plan your wedding in a foreign country. One of them isn’t coming back alive.”

Admittedly, the premise of Angie and Preston planning their friends’ wedding was a bit far-fetched for me at first but as the story progressed, it worked.

Angie…now that woman knew how to hold a grudge. Angie annoyed me to no end. I never grew to really like Angie, finding her reason for breaking up with Preston and the subsequent two-decades long grudge to be immature and baseless. Having said that, I don’t need to love or relate to a character to love the story. Angie made me feel strongly toward her…

Also, I enjoyed the snarky banter between Angie and Preston. They really committed to their dislike for one another. It was endlessly entertaining. There’s truly a thin line between love and hate for Angie and Preston.

“I realized that’s all I’ve ever wanted. You’re all I’ve ever wanted, Evangeline. I’m tired of pretending that’s not true. I’m tired of thinking I can replace you with someone else. Anyone else. I’m tired of not being with you.”

D.L. White affirms her place on my authors to look out for with this book!


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