ARC REVIEW: Deep by Jaine Diamond

DEEP (DEEP #1)DEEP by Jaine Diamond

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I’m branching out…reading about people and places that I wouldn’t normally choose. When I read the blurb for Deep, I was intrigued because it doesn’t take place on earth.


Deep had a sci-fi feel without taking me too far outside my comfort zone.  Lana Marsden is a 21 year old training cadet at Station Six.  There are a lot of rumors flying around about Station Six.  Rumors that Lana has no plans on finding out if they are true or not. She’s learned her lessons about violating the fraternization policies the hard way.  Lana’s goal is to keep her head down, get through the grueling 3 month training at Station Six, and go to Deep Space far, far away from her past and her parents.

Things don’t go quite as planned on Lana’s first day at Station Six. She’s put in the barracks for an infraction that could get her put on the first shuttle back to earth.  That is where Lana meets her new trainer and her brother’s best friend, Sgt. Tristan “Catch” Durant. Sparks fly. Try as they might to ignore it, the attraction is just too strong. Fraternization policies and big brothers, be damned!

Ms. Diamond does a great job at creating the setting of Station Six as well as the DEEP Space training. The characters were well-developed and multi-faceted. At times, I didn’t quite understand Catch’s actions; finding him increasingly frustrating. I still found him to be a loyal best friend, a sweet and well-meaning, though somewhat misguided hero to Lana.


Lana is a strong-willed, independent heroine who, though young, doesn’t take any bulls*** from anyone. She’s serious about her training and doesn’t use her brother’s status at Station Six to her advantage, which was admirable.

The supporting cast is just as interesting as Lana and Catch.  I can’t say that I fell in love with Lana’s older brother, Adam, but I was curious as to what was going on with him and fellow trainee, Scarlet, and would welcome a book with them as leads.

Deep is an engaging read that kept me turning pages with its ample buildup and sexual tension which kept me all hot and bothered.  There were a few plot points that left me somewhat perplexed as to their purpose but I’m looking forward to the next book. Where hopefully it’ll all make sense so that Catch and Lana can find HEA, balancing their dedication to their careers and their love. Overall, a very good debut novel that I’d recommend to anyone looking to step a little outside the typical new adult contemporary box.

*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.*


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