Best Book Boyfriends of 2015

Honestly, I was having some trouble writing a Best of 2015 post this time around.  Not because I didn’t read any good books this year. No, it was hard to write because I read A LOT of really good books in 2015! A good problem to have, I know!


In lieu of a typical ‘best of’ post I’m going to give you my Best Book Boyfriends of 2015 (in no particular order)…click cover for my review.

Mitch – Full Disclosure by Kindle Alexander.  Mitch was full of quick wit and humor and that cover…*fans self*


Brian – Better Than Okay & More Than Always by Jacinta Howard. Brian was understanding and reaaaaalllllly sweet.

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Nixon – Fall In Love Again by Christina C. Jones. Nixon was hilarious and — best of all, he’s a dirty talker.


Chuito – The Slayer by Kele Moon. Chuito’s sense of loyalty to his family and friends is unrivaled and his selfless love for his heroine completely melted my heart.


Logan – The Mistake by Elle Kennedy. Logan made some mistakes, but he was never unlikable. Logan was quite sweet and considerate. And oh boy, Logan is the king of the good grovel to get his girl.


Matt – Matt & Brooklyn by Raven St. Pierre.  Matt was smitten from the moment he met his lady love, but he waits for her to be ready for three loooooonnnnng years.  He’s patient, loving, and sexy as all get out!


JoshuaBombshell by Xyla Turner. Joshua is THAT dude! The perfect alpha hero — one who is very much in charge and pursues his beloved with singlemindedness, yet he accepts and loves her completely, flaws and all!


BenThe 5 Stages of Falling In Love by Rachel Higginson. Ben is patient and compassionate, yet firm when in his feelings for his beloved moved beyond friendship.


Ty – The Right Kind of Trouble by Christine C. Jones. Ty is another CCJ hero that is a perfect mix of sweet and sexy. And he’s a computer nerd too…be still my beating heart!


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