☆☆☆ 2015 Recap ☆☆☆

Here we are with only one week until 2016.


What’s been going on with Coco…?

When 2015 started I was working from home as a consultant. I made my own schedule. Sometimes I was super busy working on projects. Other times I had down time that I filled with reading/reviewing 10-15 books per month, easily fulfilling my 2015 goal of reviewing every book I read this year. By mid-year work projects dried up and I decided to it was time to go back to working for the “man.”

Late August brought a new job and within 2 weeks of accepting the offer Hubs and I were packing up everything and moving to a new state. You won’t find me complaining about steady paychecks and good health insurance, though late nights at the office and business travel leaves less time for reading, even less time to write proper reviews.


Best year EVER…

Despite personal goings on, 2015 was the best year EVER for My Reading Nook. I moved the blog from Tumblr to WordPress in May and it’s been the best thing for MRN’s visibility. I’m no longer blogging in a vaccuum. Y’all are actually seeing/reading/liking my posts.


Also MRN got its own Facebook page, and I become more active on Twitter, Google+InstagramPinterest and Goodreads with all things MRN instead of just my personal ramblings. I hosted numerous blog tours, cover reveals, and giveaways. I’m most proud of starting the popular Author Spotlight feature. MRN is still a small fish in the book blogging pond, but traffic is better than ever.

I read ~120 books in 2015.  My goal was 150, but I only have time for maybe 4-5 books per month these days.  That said, 120 books is still a respectable number, if I do say so myself.  To put that in perspective, that’s over 23K pages read, with an average of 269 pages per book. (Thanks Goodreads!)

I’ve met a number of fellow bloggers this year who I continue to learn more from every day and I’m so grateful for their support. I’ve been introduced (through their work and social media) to a slew of new and new-to-me authors  — many of whom have become auto-buys, who keep me fan-girling/stalking the interwebs for their new titles to read/review.

So what next for MRN in 2016…?

As I said, traffic is better than ever, but I’m always striving to do even more (I’m an overachiever like that!). I’m thinking of ways to make MRN more interesting for those of you who have been around from the beginning and attract new followers too. I have a few ideas percolating which I’ll introduce in January, so keep an eye peeled for that.

What won’t change…

  • GIFs: What can I say? Sometimes words aren’t sufficient to express my feels
  • Author Spotlight: MRN’s most popular monthly feature to date, so look out for more spotlights in 2016
  • Cover Reveals, Blog Tours & Giveaways: Much like the Author Spotlight these were quite popular in 2015
  • Reviews: Always the backbone of MRN, I’ll continue posting reviews for the books I read (maybe not every book tho 😉😉😉).

Stay tuned for my 2016 plans for MRN to come in January. See y’all on the other side…




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