REVIEW: Black Dahlia (Black Burlesque #2) by Tiffany Patterson

When I finished Black Pearl earlier this fall, I was eagerly anticipating the second installment of the Black Burlesque series, Black Dahlia. Mercedes and Raul are best friends to Devyn and Nikola, respectively.  From the moment we met them in book 1, it was obvious Raul and Mercedes were going to bring the heat.  And I was here for it!


After sharing heated glances and flirting throughout the night of Devyn and Nikola’s wedding, Mercedes has had enough with playing games. Raul is all in to take things to the next level too after lusting over Mercedes since the first time they met.  Unfortunately, their tryst is thwarted by finding another woman waiting in Raul’s hotel room.

Mercedes and Raul are still sharing heated looks across the room though after their foiled rendezvous a year and a half ago, all Mercedes sees is a lying, cheating cad when she sees Raul’s handsome face — and she sees the sexy Brazilian often because of their friends and shared godsons.

Raul has every intention of making Mercedes his, but he’s biding his time, waiting for the right moment. That is until he gets news that Mercedes is in danger. What’s a man to do? Swoop in to keep her safe like it’s his life’s work, of course!


Raul and Mercedes lived up to my expectations. Their journey has a little of everything…sizzling sexual tension, panty-melting sexy time, suspense, and updates of previous characters.  The character development of Mercedes and Raul is top notch.  We get to know who Raul and Mercedes are beyond just their romance. Mercedes is multi-layered and her backstory is heart-wrenching which made me root for her to find ever-lasting love and happily ever after all the more.  Raul, like his best friend Nikola, is a sexy alpha-male intent on getting what he wants, but always treating Mercedes with tender loving care.  Overall, the story is more of a simmer — occuring over several months, than a instant boil which made sense for two characters who weren’t looking to fall in love.

Andre and Stacy are up next…


Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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