REVIEW: The Way Love Goes (Serendipitous Love #4) by Christina C. Jones

First, let me say that I want to move to this fictional town/neighborhood with all these upwardly- mobile Black business owners.

With each new set of characters that we meet from this neighborhood, they become like really cool new friends to me. 

Sean, owner of the construction business that’s rebuilding Charlie and Nix’s restaurant Pot Liquor (you can meet Charlie and Nix in Fall In Love Again, btw) is hired to renovate Fallon’s fixer-upper. Whereas Sean is a life-long resident of the n’hood, Fallon, the owner of a custom lingerie shop, is a recent transplant.  Fallon originally planned to move to her new city and home with her boyfriend of 3 years, but that didn’t work out. Don’t nobody miss that bum anyway! He did Fallon a solid by moving out of the way for a better man.

Sorry, I got distracted for a minute….back to Sean and Fallon. (Once you read this book, you’ll understand my ire though!)

Fallon was feisty as all get out — quick tempered, but not unreasonable or unlikable. Regardless of the instant attraction between them, both Sean and Fallon are gun shy after their past heartbreaks. Despite their rocky start, Sean knew just how to handle a woman like Fallon. They decide to not name what was happening between them, but love gonna do what it does anyway…

The Way Love Goes was ALL win for me. I can read just about anything, about any age characters, but my favorites are stories with full-grown adults who have flaws.  Sean and Fallon are all that and I thoroughly enjoyed their journey.  I loved how even though Fallon is new to the n’hood, the ladies accept her into the fold which makes for cameos and updates from Simone, Viv and Charlie. The fellas also play an integral role in getting Sean back on the right track when he’s acting like an asshat.

“It’s not whatever. Stop playing around and let that woman change your life.”

And Fallon’s family…

I’m looking forward to more from these friends and neighbors in the future. I’m gonna sit and wait patiently for Fallon’s BFF, Ayden, to get her own book.  Who am I kidding?! Patience isn’t really in my DNA. But I’ll be waiting…

The Way Love Goes is a delight with a true-to-life plot and some seriously LOL moments.  As with others in the Serendipitous Love series, you can easily read The Way Love Goes as a standalone. Though to really get the all the back story and fall for these characters as I have, start at the beginning because this series is just THAT good.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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