REVIEW: The Filthy Series by Megan D. Martin

I said a few months ago that I was going to read books that weren’t my normal go-to.  I’ve had the Filthy serial on my TBR list for months. Y’all know I’m not about that delayed gratification life, reading one installment at a time then waiting an indefinite amount of time for the next. So I held out…

When a Twitter friend posted that the final installment of Filthy had dropped and all six parts were available as one book (with bonus scenes to boot!), I jumped on it — it was also free on Kindle Unlimited.  

First, why was this outside my romance wheelhouse? It’s a step-sibling romance.  I’ve been quite vocal that this is a subgenre that I just don’t understand its popularity.  All the folks in the world and protagonists are out here falling for their step-siblings.

Faye and Rhett became step-siblings when her mother and his father married. Faye was about 9 years old at the time. Little Faye had a big ol’ crush on Rhett who was ~10 years older. Although he’s older and probably has better things to do besides hanging with a young child, Rhett and Faye build a friendship; writing letters and spending time together when he’s home visiting from college. All very innocent. Unfortunately, there’s something evil going on in the house when Rhett isn’t there.  When Faye is 16, she finally says enough is enough and leaves her parents’ home because the streets are better than the life she’s living.

Fast forward 3 years since Faye left home.  Rhett has tracked Faye down to get her to attend her mother’s funeral.  Faye is no longer the innocent girl Rhett remembers. She’s 19 years old, homeless, addicted to cocaine and she’s a prostitute.

Faye is insolent, hateful and crass as all hell! Before we’re told exactly what happened to Faye, I knew what was up. But even I wasn’t prepared for the whole story. That level of twisted sickness at the hands of Faye’s step-father broke my poor, soft heart — into a million fuckin’ pieces!! 💔  💔  💔  I had so many emotions while reading this that I almost wished I had read it in the individual installments because a break between each part wouldn’t have hurt one bit!  Because I had one book, I read it straight through from end to end in one day then had a good cry after I finished. I’m not a crier but I couldn’t hold it in here.

For the first 3 installments all Rhett and Faye do is argue…throwing nasty words back and forth and one time they even lay hands on one another.  Rhett doesn’t understand why Faye harbors such hate,  has no desire to go with him to clean herself up or pay her respects to her mother.  When Rhett finally learns why Faye is the way she is…

That’s when this story takes a turn. Faye starts to get her life together and Rhett works through his very conflicted feelings for Faye…kinda, sorta, not completely — until it’s almost too late. Don’t worry, it does happen.

I wouldn’t call Filthy romantic. The story is just too dark to put it in that category.  For me, Filthy was more Faye’s story of overcoming such horrible circumstances when the odds are stacked against her, with a love story as a side bar. The love that develops between Rhett and Faye, although important, was secondary for me. I went into this book intrigued but not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.  Ms. Martin wrote a book that was dirty, raw, gritty and gripping.  I’d read more from her in the future…though if this is her style then I might break my rule of needing to read serials all at once. 😉

Warning: Filthy is not a sweet story (if you hadn’t already guessed). This story’s got drug use, prostitution, rape, and cheating.  If you’ve got delicate sensibilities, Filthy might not be the book for you. That said, if you decide to jump into the deep end like I did, you won’t regret it.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️