REVIEW: The Scale (Martha’s Way Series #1) by Mika Jolie

Me when I finished The Scale

Don’t misunderstand, I thoroughly enjoyed The Scale, but the heroine, Minka, wore me out!!  See, Minka has been pining for her best friend from college, Blake, for years…except there’s a tiny little problem with that. Not only does Blake see Minka as nothing more than a good friend, he’s madly in love and planning to marry Minka’s twin sister.

That’s not Minka’s only issue…nah, that would be too easy! Minka has such deep-seated insecurities about her weight and her looks that she doesn’t truly believe her sister’s fiance could want her anyway.  Only women like her thinner, and according to Minka, prettier sister, are worthy of a handsome “catch” like Blake!

That all changes when Minka meets the best man, Jason Montgomery. Jason is a wealthy, tattooed Adonis and he wants Minka. All the things about Minka that she hates, Jason loves. A little too much to drink leads to a night of passion and Minka and Jason embark on a 2-week fling while on Martha’s Vineyard preparing for Minka’s sister’s wedding.  Just 2 weeks, because remember Minka isn’t worthy of a man like Jason.

Although I enjoyed The Scale overall, I never grew to like Minka as her insecurities and self-absorbed nature overshadowed the entire book. Even once Minka deals with her issues, I was left feeling like it was too little too late. Jason goes out of his way to make Minka comfortable and believe that regardless of his playboy past, he wants her and only her. Even when he finds out about her crush on Blake. Jason has issues of his own but if not for him, I may have given up on The Scale before the end.

At points the prose and dialogue fell too much on the purple-ish side for my liking; just not what I’ve come to expect from a novel published in 2014 about relatively young characters (25 to early 30s). Otherwise, an enjoyable debut novel with multi-faceted protagonists and an intriguing supporting cast.  I’m especially interested in Minka’s BFF’s story to come next.

*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.*

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️½



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