REVIEW: Rebound (Soulmates #3) by Nicole Dykes

Rebound tells the story of Ryan getting over his broken heart and moving on from Maddy.  We met Ryan in Soulmates when he and Maddy dated his senior year of high school. Maddy and Ryan amicably and mutually decide to break up when he goes off to college in Alabama. Ryan spent the better part of his freshman year pining over Maddy.  When he goes home for a visit, he misinterprets Maddy’s actions and ends up getting his feelings hurt.

I really felt Ryan’s plight. Maddy did him really wrong!!  Ryan was such a sweetheart and I was scratching my head why Maddy would pick Jake over Ryan, honestly.  Lindsay, I didn’t like her too much at the beginning.  Lindsay had been hurt before, so she was judgmental and downright mean to Ryan for no real reason besides him being an athlete.  But as we get more of Lindsay’s story, I grew to like her more.  She and Ryan were quite perfect for each other, actually.

When Ryan and Lindsay decide to open their hearts to love and put their pasts behind them where they belonged…

Rebound was by far my favorite of this series. I don’t have to love the characters to love a book but it helps. In the first two books, I didn’t find Jake at all likable until nearly the end and Maddy was kinda vapid overall, so I was happy to sink my teeth into Ryan’s story. I thoroughly enjoyed the slow burn of Ryan and Lindsay’s friendship turned sweet romance.

*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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