Every Audiobook Is Not Created Equal


Do you listen to audiobooks? Do you prefer reading or listening to your favorite books/genres? What makes an audiobook great?

For me, it’s all about the narrator. The right narrator can give life to even the most dry subject matter. I want the narrator to make me feel the text being read.

Although I’ve listened to countless audiobooks in other genres, I’ve only listened to ONE romance audiobook. I’m sorry to say it didn’t go well for me. All my reservations about how the sex scenes would come across in an audiobook were realized, unfortunately.

So, there I am on the subway, on my way to a work meeting, and the narrator sounds like Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons. (I realize that that reference ages me terribly, so some of you may need to use Google for an idea of what I’m talking about.) When the narrator said words like, ‘pussy‘ I was on the train cracking up!! I’m positive that other commuters thought I was losing my mind right before their eyes.

And the way the narrator deepened her voice for the male dialogue…

I just don’t know how the author listened to this version of their work and said…

Although that book was full of NOPE for me, I’m not giving up.  With lots of hours spent traveling/commuting ahead of me, I’m determined to find audiobooks in my favorite genre that don’t make me cringe.

Share some awesome audiobook titles (they don’t have to be romance titles, btw) you’ve listened to in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Every Audiobook Is Not Created Equal

    1. Any titles to share? I’m going to be traveling A LOT this fall and I need a distraction besides cussing my way through security checkpoints lol


  1. I completely agree. The narrator can make or break an audiobook. I have continued to listen to books that I didn’t really enjoy the story too much because the narrator did a great Scottish accent and I couldn’t stop listening. I’ve also had books that I’ve listened to and I think that the narrator ruined the book for me. Some of my favorite narrators include: Robert Petkoff, Lorelei King, Renee Raudman, Karen White, Allison MacLemore, Amanda Ronconi, Lauren Fortgang, Marguerite Gavin, Phil Gigante and Tavia Gilbert.

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  2. I agree with Sharonda. The narrator is what makes the story sometimes more than the story itself. I don’t know why but I tend to prefer male narrators to female ones. And when I find a narrator I loved I tend to go digging for other books they’ve narrated too.

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    1. That’s happened to me in other genres. I found the Dressmaker of Khair Khana rather dry as a book. I actually DNF’d it. Then Amazon/Audible gave me a deal on the audiobook and I loved it. The narrator brought that story to life in a way that the author’s writing style did not.


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