REVIEW: Less Than Forever (Love Always #3) by Jacinta Howard

I’ve become really invested in the characters’ of the Love Always series since meeting them earlier this year in Better Than Okay. Raven is Destiny’s BFF and Dorian is Brian’s bestie and Destiny’s cousin. In the previous books both Dorian and Raven were a much needed voice of reason for their friends when they were being just plain stupid. Raven and Dorian have a close relationship all their own as well…one that skirts the line between friendship and something more. Even in the backdrop of their friends’ romance, their chemistry was obvious; making me salivate at the prospect of a love story between Raven and Dorian. 

Raven and Dorian have spent years falling in love with each other, whether they choose to admit it or not. Dorian is definitely feeling Raven…has been since they first met in college, but he’s not looking for a relationship and he knows Raven is a relationship type of girl. Knowing how Dorian operates, Raven’s not interested in “sharing” Dorian with all the other ladies vying for his attentions. She’s been down that road with men before and…

One emotional night leads Raven and Dorian to cross the line between friends and lovers. Neither can forget that night and the emotions it brought to the fore. Are they ready to define their relationship? Mayyyybeee…maybe not. Are they prepared and willing to stand by, watching the other move on with someone else.

Less Than Forever was somewhat different than I expected it’d be based on the roles the protagonists played in their friends’ story. Raven and Dorian seemed to have their stuff together. Lord have mercy, I was so so wrong! That being said, the progression of the romance between Raven and Dorian is authentic and organic; taking us through a few messy turns along the way as they figure out how to be more than friends. Were there points when I was screaming internally at my e-reader? Yup! Just like their friends, Raven and Dorian have some unresolved baggage which makes them do some dumb ish at times. But I never doubted the love and passion between them.

“I came to the crowd seeking friends. I came to the crowd seeking love. I came to the crowd for understanding…”

He smiled […] and finished for her.

“I found you.”

Less Than Forever is another hit out of the park from Ms. Howard.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½



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