ARC REVIEW: Matt & Brooklyn (Again for the First Time, #2) by Raven St. Pierre


We met Matteo Valente and Brooklyn James in book 1, Again For the First Time. It was Matt’s documentary that brought the James and Valente families together.  From the first moment Matt saw Lissette’s sister, Brooklyn, he’s been smitten. 

Matt & Brooklyn picks up almost 3 years since Lissette and Luke’s love story began. Matt and Brook have become best friends during this time. Matt doesn’t hide that he wants more than friendship from Brook. Brook, OTOH, is determined to stay firmly in the friend zone. Brook joins Matt in California for one week and…

I had ALL the emotions while reading Matt & Brooklyn. Every last one!  Frustration lead the way through the first half as these two tip-toed around their feelings for one another. Well, Matt, not so much. Matt knows in his heart that Brook is full of ish so he’s respecting her boundaries while biding his time until Brook gets with the program. It’s obvious to everyone except Brook that she and Matt could have something great together. But Brooklyn has decided they can only be friends; because…reasons. Lord have mercy! Brooklyn made me want to reach inside my Kindle and throat punch her more than once.

But that’s not all Brooklyn was…she’s got layers. So for that, I forgave her for taking her sweet ass time admitting her feelings for Matt.

Now Matt…

Matt is the book boyfriend of the year. Not only does he not pressure Brook to see things his way, he doesn’t waste his time with other women either. There’s no need for Matt to fill his bed with others when he knows Brook holds his heart.

When Brook does finally admit to her feelings, wheeeeewwwww boy!! These two will melt your heart!

Matt & Brooklyn was a wonderful addition to this series that endeared me to these two characters and their supporting cast even more than I already was after the first book in the AFTFT series. We not only get a romance between Matt and Brook; we get to see more of the James-Valente family dynamic.  I enjoyed reading more about how both sets of siblings’ lives are playing out since the documentary. I’m looking forward to the next book which will take us back in time for how it all began decades ago. Matt & Brooklyn can easily be read as a standalone without feeling like you missed anything pivotal. Though I’d recommend picking up Again For the First Time and reading in order to get all the background on the James and Valente clans.

*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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