Reading Goals for 2015: Midyear (sort-of) Check-in

Time to do a check-in of how I’m doing with my Reading Goals for 2015. I originally planned to do this in June, but things just didn’t work out that way.  This is late, but still close enough, right?

In January, I set my reading goal at 150 books. I’ve read more than half of that number of books thus far. I’m happy to say that I’m on target there.

More than the number of books, I wanted to push the limits of my comfort zone in 2015…

  • Read more new authors — 
  • Write a review – no matter how short – for every book I read — √ 
  • Focus on the quality of the content and overall writing/execution — √ 
  • Read more books in genres I typically steer clear of (e.g., paranormal, dystopian, dark romance/erotica) – this is where I’m falling short. I find myself choosing books from the same genres as I’ve always read.

So what am I going to do about that?

Starting in September (August I’ll be too busy with ARCs), I’m going to read at least two books per month that are not in my usual wheelhouse. I’m putting this out into the universe so I stay accountable.

Feel free to leave a comment with recommendations.

4 thoughts on “Reading Goals for 2015: Midyear (sort-of) Check-in

  1. I’d suggest Kresley Cole for Paranormal. 😉 It’s not just one type of shifter, you get vampires, weres, valkyries, etc… all manner. (It’s the Immortals After Dark series). Evangeline Anderson does a pretty good Sci-Fi, I’d try her Kindred series. Both series actually have in-depth storylines too and I think are at 14 books a piece at this point. OH! And Shelly Laurenston’s Prides series. I can’t even read those and not burst out laughing every few minutes. They are hilarious. 😀

    I mean, hey, if you’ve reading something you can’t really get into but are trying, I’d at least go for good plot, with humor and what not.


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