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There’s hashtag trending on Twitter called #WeNeedDiverseBooks. Well, there should also be a hashtag called #WeNeedDiverseBloggers because I can count on both hands the number of blogs there are that are run by women of color that blog about, feature, and review books written by black and other authors of color (although not necessarily exclusively). So, if you’re truly serious about diversity in romance, I’ve created a follow train. These are all good blogs with something to offer for everyone, and they deserve a shout out, but more importantly, they deserve  a follow. I’m referring specifically to “blogger” blogs and not author blogs (although I got love for y’all too). If I missed anyone, please leave them in the comments.

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  1. It’s great that a blogger acknowledged this! I rarely ever see book blogs run by black women or girls. Also, I totally agree that we do need diverse books!

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