REVIEW: Pulling Her Trigger (Ghost Riders MC #1) by Alexa Riley

“Warning: This book contains a heroine who doesn’t submit, a hero who fights for what he’s claimed, and insta-love so hard it will dent your kindle.”

I was intrigued by Pulling Her Trigger because the heroine, Mackenzie aka Casper, is a SAA of the Ghost Riders motorcycle club. Not just a club hanger-on, i.e., ‘sweet butt’ or a male member’s ‘old lady’, but a full-fledged member. I can’t remember EVER reading a heroine like this before so this little novella had all my interest.

Mackenzie was an Air Force sniper — one of the best; which is how she met her brothers of the Ghost Riders MC having saved their asses in combat more than once. I liked Mackenzie; she’s a bad ass chick.

“I’m sergeant-at-arms in this club and you better learn some fucking respect…”

Although Mackenzie loves her brothers — they are the only family she has — she doesn’t party with them. Mackenzie prefers to find a good time away from the club’s usual haunts. At her fave watering hole is where she meets Vincent Cassano. Mackenzie is all set to burn off the day’s adrenaline with him in bed. That is, until she finds out he’s a fed, i. e., a decorated FBI agent investigating her possible involvement in a case he’s working.

Vincent, OTOH, knows all about Mackenzie. What he wants from Mackenzie has nothing to do with his case. He’s decided she’s THE ONE — just from a picture in her case file. He’s spent time — a lot of time, getting to know all he can about Mackenzie and is going to do everything in his power to make her his, whether Mackenzie is down for it or not.

Vincent is THE creepiest mofo I’ve ever encountered as a romance hero. HANDS DOWN!

I don’t want to spoil it for y’all so I’ll just leave it at that!

If you want something quick and dirty, you’re not bothered by a somewhat outlandish insta-love plot, a domineering hero that will make you think to yourself, “WTF am I reading??” then I say jump right into the deep end of the pool with this one.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️



13 thoughts on “REVIEW: Pulling Her Trigger (Ghost Riders MC #1) by Alexa Riley

  1. Wonderful review! I have to admit, I started chortling at “Insta-love so hard it will dent your kindle.”. 😀 And then the .gif! As for the story, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a female being a full-fledged member either. I may have to read this one!

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      1. Oh yeah! I love my KU subscription. For me, it’s like heading to the library. Now I’ll def be finding this book and putting it on there.


  2. Creepiest hero? I’m intrigued. I will have to look this up.
    Reminds me of the billionaire obsession series by JS Scott. The first book has a creeper hero. I love Simon but in the beginning I had my doubts.


    1. He’s not the dark romance hero who keeps the heroine locked in a basement and uses her as a sex slave. He’s more “normal” man in love, who does some really questionable stuff to show how he feels.

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