REVIEW: The Right Kind Of Trouble by Christina C. Jones

I always have a little apprehension when I start a book about new adult characters. I’m just not here for the immature, whiny or melodramatic antics that come with many of the young’uns in this genre.

Lauren, who we met in The Trouble With Us, may be just a few months shy of her 21st birthday, but she’s not immature. She’s not a statistic. She’s not foolhardy or whiny. And Lauren has chutzpah for days! Lauren surprised me with that…the way she stands up to those who underestimate her made me love her even more.  

“I’m not that young. I’m going to graduate with honors this year, same as I did for high school. I work, I have a car, I have investments, savings and my daughter already has a nice start for her college fund. So don’t act like I’m the same sixteen year old who messed around and got pregnant, when at twenty, I’m in a better position and doing more with my life than people twice my age.”

And Ty…Another CCJ hero that is a perfect mix of sweet and sexy. And he’s a computer nerd too…be still my beating heart!

The Right Kind of Trouble is the third installment in the Trouble series. We get cameo appearances from previous characters; though TRKoT can easily be read as a stand alone. TRKoT is a slow burn romance. I appreciated that the romance between Lauren and Ty didn’t happen in a vacuum. They make the best of their time together, but they still have full lives beyond each other. You know, like what happens IRL.  They also make mistakes…just like us mortals.

CCJ has done it again…written a romance novel with three dimensional, multi-faceted characters, just the right amount of angst to keep me engaged, and a sweet end.