ARC REVIEW: Fire and Ice by A.M. Hartnett

A book with a sexy Russian hockey player…SIGN ME UP!

When Mick comes to Julia for French lessons, there’s instant attraction. Julia and Mick flirt and banter right off the bat. Mick’s awkward grasp of English colloquialisms…totally adorbs!

“Strong is good. Puts hair on palms.”

Additionally, I found Julia’s awkwardness to be endearing and her reticence to jump into something with Mick plausible.

I was glad for Julia’s roommate as the voice of reason. I wanted more of the “crazy-haired woman”. I wouldn’t be opposed to getting to know Kris better in her own story as she seemed to disappear rather abruptly here once she was no longer needed. When Mick makes his interest in more than just flirting known to Julia, things between them became a furious race to the finish.  Ever come into a conversation midway and feel like you missed something really important? Yeah, that’s the feeling I had about the relationship between Mick and Julia overall. I couldn’t get a read on what made them tick beyond the hot sexy time.

Overall, I quick read with low angst and high steam. Had this story been longer, I’d have definitely rated it higher.  I would definitely give this author another chance to wow me.

*ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*