REVIEW: Sway (Delicious #1) by Lauren Dane

I read this novella back when it was released as part of the Cherished anthology back in 2012. Seeing that it was re-released as a stand alone recently, Sway deserved a re-read.

I’m never disappointed with a Lauren Dane read. I really liked the heroine, Daisy. Young but strong, smart and a perfect match for the hero, Levi, who is 16 years older. It was great to catch up and learn more about her friends, Gillian, who we read about in Never Enough, Mary, and Jules whose story is detailed in Tart (Delicious #2) and Lush (Delicious #3). The only negative thing I’d say about this novella is that it suffered a wee bit from first-in-series-itis with the rehashing/orienting of who everyone is and some backstory from Never Enough (in case the reader hasn’t read any of the books from the Brown Family series). I wished this was a longer book because I wanted to read more about Daisy and Levi. Levi is a hot hot tamale!!! I’m sure we’ll see more of them in subsequent books as Ms. Dane always does a good job of catching us up on past series characters.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️