REVIEW: Glutton for Pleasure (Pleasure #1) by Alisha Rai

Ménage (or polyamory, in general) is not something I can wrap my head around fully, so I rarely read menage romance. When I do read it, I prefer M/M/F, where all participants are involved sexually with one another, not just two hetero men sharing a woman seemingly without their naughty bits ever coming into contact with one another. Siblings sharing a woman is even more of a puzzle to me. Though I’ve read ménage stories with siblings in the past, it’s not something I seek out with any regularity.

I love Alisha Rai‘s work and have read many of her books. I skipped Glutton for Pleasure until recently when I requested the second book in this series, Serving Pleasure, on NetGalley and it was approved. I wanted to read book 1 for any necessary backstory. Also, because stories of this type usually don’t feature women of color. The book was free to boot, so I went for it.

I wouldn’t say that this book erased all my reservations on this trope, but Ms. Rai made the ménage arrangement of twin brothers sharing a woman work for me here without having to suspend my disbelief too far.  Unlike many ménage romances that I’ve read, the relationship between Devi and her men isn’t portrayed without challenges such has the inability to be seen as a threesome publicly or how one’s family will react to such a non-traditional relationship.

We see considerable growth between these three characters, most with Devi and Marcus, as they come around to what their relationship can be long term. More than just the sexy nature of a menage, you feel the emotions between Devi, Jace and Marcus.

My biggest issue with the story would be how fast it all happened. From Devi agreeing to one night with the twins to ILYs in one week…that’s where I had to side-eye, just a bit. Then there’s the fact that the HFN ending left me wanting so much more. Overall though, a sweet, sexy, and richly emotional novel.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

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