REVIEW: Inevitable (Love and War #2) by Inger Iversen

We met Teal and Trent in Incarcerated; they are best friends to Katie and Logan, respectively.  I didn’t like either of these characters, honestly, but they were good well-drawn characterizations nonetheless. Teal is overbearing and comes off as a stereotypical loud mouth, bitter Black woman. Most of what we learn about Trent is through Logan’s POV and it’s not good. What is unmistakable about Trent is that he is entirely unsupportive of Logan’s relationship with Katie…for reasons.

In Inevitable, Teal has changed. She may not always agree with Katie but she’s learning when to keep her opinions to herself and let Katie live her own life. As maid of honor to Katie, she’s going to do everything in her power to make sure her friends gets the fairytale wedding day they deserve. Trent, OTOH, begrudgingly agreed to serve as Logan’s best man and plans to do whatever he can to stop Logan from marrying Katie and get him back to Kentucky where he belongs.

I greatly enjoyed the “there’s more than meets the eye” factor of this story. Trent isn’t the racist who he’s allowed people to think he is for the last umpteen years. Teal isn’t the self-assured ball buster she portrays herself to be either.

What I didn’t enjoy so much is how Inevitable became too soap opera-esque, with OTT antics from both Trent and Teal at points.  I found myself eye-rolling at how convenient it was that Teal goes off half-cocked to confront Trent during a snow storm which leaves them stranded away from their friends. Inevitable also felt more like a continuation of Incarcerated; not the true stand alone for Trent and Teal I was expecting.

In the end, I was left wanting more as I couldn’t quite buy that Teal and Trent had truly fallen deeply in love after those few days in the cabin considering their rather long separation thereafter. To the author’s credit, the end is very much HFN; akin to a start of a relationship, with lots of details yet to be resolved.

I look forward to more of this set of friends and lovers in the next installment. Although the books say that one can read these books as stand-alones, I don’t recommend it considering how each story builds upon the next.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️½