REVIEW: The Mistake by Elle Kennedy

 We met John Logan in the first book of the Off-Campus series, The Deal. He’s best friend/ teammate to Garret. He’s also been holding a torch for Garret’s girlfriend, Hannah, for months. He’s been using random hookups with puck bunnies to try and get over his issues but it’s not working.
“Lusting over your best friend’s girlfriend sucks. […] it’s kind of hard not to hate yourself when you’re fantasizing about the love of your best friend’s life.”

Grace Ivers is a freshman at Briar University. She’s not the social butterfly her roommate/best friend is but she’s familiar with Logan’s reputation as both a star hockey player and a player with the ladies. She has no reason to believe that he’ll give a freshman like her the time of day.
That is until one night Logan ends up at Grace’s dorm room. Things are going well between Grace and Logan until he makes a terrible mistake.
“You humiliated me. Why would I ever want to go out with you after that?”
I liked these characters and the trajectory of their love story.
Logan is a player and he does make a mistake with Grace, but he’s never a dickwad.  He’s quite sweet and considerate.  He really thinks he’s doing Grace a favor by not using her like the other girls he’s hooked up with in the past.  And oh boy, Logan is the king of the good grovel.  When Logan decided Grace was it for him, he will stop at nothing to prove it to her.
And Grace…now this is how an author should write a new adult heroine. Grace was adorably awkward at times but she had backbone. She’s not a pushover or whiny when bad things happen to her.  She bounced back her sophomore year from what had happened the previous school year like a champ!
I’ve seen other authors jump into the new adult fray and felt like the characters came off as too mature for the age they were supposed to be. So when I heard Elle Kennedy was writing a new adult series, I was hesitant because I’ve read her contemporary adult series. The type of kink in those just wouldn’t be realistic for young college students, IMO. Here, Elle Kennedy has written characters/stories that are steamy but age appropriate. The dialogue between the leads and supporting characters is also spot on for people in this age group. With each book, I’m endeared to this group more and more and can’t wait for the next book.