REVIEW: Property Of by C.P. Smith

“Everyone thought romance novelists had exciting sex lives—if they only knew . . . I needed a hero first.”

Nicola Royse aka Grace Martin is a historical romance novelist. At 32, she spends more time in her writing cave plotting happily-ever-afters for Scottish clansmen and their fair-headed maidens than living her own life in the real world.  After finishing her latest book, she makes a promise to her four best friends that she’ll come out of writing cave and live a little.  While watching the news Nic sees Dallas Vaughn and the big, gruff police detective has Nicola plotting another novel — a contemporary romance this time.

Because Nicola can’t turn off her writer’s brain, her friends make her promise that she’ll only work on her newest project with them at their local coffee shop. This way they get to kill two birds — spending time with their besties and Nicola gets to write. As Nic is thinking of sexy scenes starring Dallas as the hero, the last thing she expects to do is run into the sexy detective — literally — over and over again. Nor do Nicola and her friends anticipate their project to end them up in the crosshairs of a dangerous serial killer.
Nicola was an adorably witty and fun heroine.  I enjoyed her interaction with her friends and her twin brothers.  Nicola’s inner dialogue in ‘historical speak’ was enjoyably humorous for the most part, but at times I wanted her to get on with it as it took me out of the story a bit too far. For me, it just reaffirmed that I’m not a fan of the wordy, purple prose of historical novels.  For others, this may not be an issue.
Dallas was just my type of alpha hero…bossy, yet sweet and protective. And boy, did Dallas know how to turn up the heat when Nicola needed it.
I enjoyed this romantic suspense with its out-of-the box plot and characters.  The chemistry between Dallas and Nic jumps off the page; although their romance moves fast, it worked without being campy or trite. The last third or so of Property Of has a more serious tone as the killer gets closer to Nicola and her friends, but overall much more humor than I’m used to in this genre.

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️½