REVIEW: The Trouble With Us by Christina C. Jones

CCJ has quickly become an auto-buy/read for me so when I saw excerpts and teasers for this book on social media I just knew I’d read it as soon as it released.

Rashad Martin is a bit of a player. He’s cocky and used to getting his way with women.  He’s very aware of his lure as the president of the “dick too bomb” club and not afraid to use that charm on Bianca. Sometimes the whole manwhore thing can be a turn-off for me; here, I found Rashad infinitely likable though.

“Women are liars. I’ve done enough first-hand research to write a study on it. Women can’t have sex — not good sex — and not fall in love. Impossible.”

Bianca Bailey is a tattooed, pierced, fashion blogger who has been hurt before.  She’s also not looking for a serious relationship. Bianca is convincingly jaded about love and relationships because of her past, but she’s not letting that stop her from living her life to the full in every other way.

“Love is bullshit.”
Bianca is well aware from her first encounter with Rashad that he’s the kind of man she needs to steer clear of. Bianca is determined not to be one of those women again. When Rashad and Bianca are thrown together for work, their attraction is too much to ignore and so it begins.
Everything about The Trouble With Us made me smile.  The chemistry between Rashad and Bianca jumps off the page and both are well-drawn characters who felt like they could be my friends. One thing that I always love about CCJ’s characters is that I feel a connection to them instantly. The supporting characters round out the story and add some fun moments to TTWU.
Rashad and Bianca’s relationship is still quite new by the conclusions of TTWU so the ending made sense for them. I’m just a bit greedy and would have liked an epilogue further into the future; that would be my only gripe.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

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