REVIEW: Night Moves (G-Man #3) by Andrea Smith

No rating…DNF at 29%

I gave up on this one…All the G-Man heroes have been alpha but Easton is more a controlling alpha-hole which was not doing it for me. And Darcy is spoiled and entitled. Though I’ll say Darcy was less of an issue than Easton. Then there’s the numerous FSOG similarities here that irked me.

Night Moves had such a different feel from previous G-Man series installments that I wasn’t engaged in the protagonists getting together at all. So unlike Diamond Girl and Love Plus One, both of which I devoured practically in one sitting.

I just can’t right now…maybe I’ll finish it later when I’m in a different head space. The only book that still intrigues me in this series is Taz, a sequel to LPO with Taz and Lindsey.

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