REVIEW: Love Plus One (G-Man #2) by Andrea Smith

I really enjoyed this book’s predecessor, Diamond Girl, but Love Plus One really blew my mind on another level.

Lindsey is a 20 year old college student…in the last year she’s been through a lot. She’s found out that her parents’ marriage wasn’t what she thought it was, her dad is on the lam from the Feds, and her mom is now remarried to the FBI agent who’s working on the case involving Lindsey’s father. Oh, and she’s still a virgin!
Taz is an FBI agent and his partner/best friend is Lindsey’s new stepfather. His job is everything to him, so he has no desire for a serious relationship any time soon. Taz likes his sex (and his women) dirty, rough and with a side of kink. Taz is nearly ten years older than Lindsey to boot, so her’s are the very last panties Taz should be interested in getting into…but he can’t get Lindsey out of his mind after one kiss.
Lindsey, OTOH, is determined to swipe her v-card FINALLY…who better to help with her plight than sex god Taz. Unfortunately for Lindsey, once Taz finds out about her lack of experience, he’s doesn’t want the responsibility that comes with being Lindsey’s first.
“I’m not looking to get hurt, Taz. I’m just looking to get laid.” 

Of course, Taz gives in but…

Overall, I liked both these characters…despite Lindsey’s latest emotional turmoil, she is a self-possessed and strong heroine. There were some points that I thought she could have been more cautious and listened to advice, but I forgave her due to not having all the necessary information. Taz is an unapologetic manwhore at first, but he’s smart and loyal to a fault. When he does get with the boyfriend program, he’s so sweet that it’ll melt your heart into a puddle of goo.

I really enjoyed Taz and Lindsey together. Holy hotness they give good sexy time!! Also, I enjoyed their evolution from no-strings attached to falling in love. This being the G-Man series there’s a suspense subplot in the background that has lots of twists and turns that are related to Lindsey’s father to keep things interesting. Although I appreciated the updates on Sammie, Lindsey’s mom, and Slate here and loved Sammie in Diamond Girl, I wasn’t her biggest fan here. The hypocrisy is real…that’s all I’ll say.  Me, when Lindsey calls her on it…

Overall, another well-written and fast-paced read that kept me engaged and wanting more until the very end.  Though there is one brutal scene that I wasn’t prepared for involving Lindsey…seriously didn’t see that coming and it deserved a warning.

That incident does make Taz and Lindsey’s HEA that much more rewarding in a way that Sammie and Slate’s didn’t do for me.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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